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XWeb Satellite Phone Internet Access and Web Browsing

XGate Premium Service

Fast satellite web browsing with compression

With XWeb you will browse the Internet up to 10x faster over satellite phones. On average XWeb compresses pages by a factor of 3-5x which gives a much improved speed advantage. GMN is able to reduce the time it takes to download typical web images by a factor of up to 10x.

The fast web compression technology reduces typical pictures down to 5% of their original size, dramatically reducing download times. In addition to compressing all the images, XWeb also compresses all text streams, removes obnoxious pop-ads, and removes all backgrounds and animations. Faster download times mean greater savings for you.

It is easy to add XWeb to your XGate Satellite Email service.

NEW! Use XWeb over Optimizer with your Iridium 9555 or Extreme - no USB drivers, WiFi hotspot option and Firewall protection too!

How XWeb Satellite Phone Web Browsing Saves Airtime Dollars

Powerful Satellite Web Browsing Benefits with XWeb

  • Web Content Compression:

    Without the need for any additional programs to install. Uses Windows internal compression option. Better than 10 times improvement in speed when rendering mostly text based web pages.
  • Removal of Graphic's Backgrounds:

    Background images are stripped since they do not provide content and take time to download.
  • Pop-up Advertising Stripped:

    Pop up ads are removed aiding in the fast delivery of real content to your web browser.
  • Ads Removed from Web content:

    Images containing advertising are stripped from the HTML pages as they download to the web browser again saving bandwidth.
  • Images are re-sampled and compressed:

    GIF and JPEG's De-Rez'ed on-the-fly during download resulting in much smaller pages, GMN can reduce the resolution of pictures significantly in order to reduce download times by 90%.
  • Viewing of Unmodified Pages:

    In all instances the user can click on the "View unfiltered page" link at the top of every web page to view the original uncompressed image.

Who Uses XGate Satellite Email?

XGate is perfect for anyone who uses a satellite phone. It works on any system, and lets you get more done in less time, all while saving airtime costs. Whether staying in touch outside of cellular coverage areas, or accessing email for business continuity after a hurricane, earthquake or other natural disaster, XGate has thousands of satisfied users in the following applications:

  • Recreational Maritime
  • Commercial Maritime
  • Government, Business Continuity and First Responders
  • Natural Resources

Additional XGate Premium Features


Share the adventure live. One button updates your blog with text and pictures. SailBlogs shares posts with friends and family right from the boat deck, campsite or jobsite. For more information, visit: SailBlogs™ with XGate

Crew Accounts

Crew Accounts lets the administrator create, modify and delete temporary email addresses right on site; easily providing customized and controlled email accounts for temporary crew members or passengers. For more information; visit: XGate Crew Accounts

Email Fetching for Yahoo, GMail, Hotmail or any ISP

XGate will fetch and forward email from multiple addresses so you can access your email accounts with the same speed and efficiency as XGate. For more information, visit: XGate Email Fetching/Forwarding

GPS Vessel Tracking

Automatically report and update location. No additional hardware needs to be purchased or integrated when there is already GPS connected to your computer. XGate is the reliable way to post locations whether for business or pleasure. For more information, visit: XGate Vessel Tracking

File Transfer

XGate File Transfer handling provides automatic inventory control, regular reporting, and logging of data. Once set up, XGate will take local information from a computer and send it as an email attachment automatically.

XGate Works with These Providers, or Any IP-Based Connection

Iridium Email/Internet Satellite Phone Service Inmarsat Email/Internet Satellite Phone Service Globalstar Email/Internet Satellite Phone Service Thuraya Email/Internet Satellite Phone Service MSAT G2 Email/Internet Satellite Phone Service VSAT Email/Internet Satellite Phone Service

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