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XTracker IR: Vessel Tracking via Iridium Satellite

XTracker IR (Iridium) is a robust, dependable and extremely compact tracking device that sends out GPS position reports at pre-programmed intervals from anywhere in the world using proven Iridium satellite technology. Position reports contain date, time, latitude, longitude, and average course and speed over the ground. GPS position reports are recorded, transmitted, and posted on the web in 20 seconds, on average. XTracker's modest power requirements make it ideal for remote locations where solar panels or batteries are the only source of electricity.

XTracker Vessel Tracking and Position Reporting Unit

Iridium XTracker Solar Powered Vessel Tracking

Shown at right with box unit - offers total energy independence with the power supplied by a compact solar panel that mounts beside the main unit. Absolutely no vessel resources are required, except a pipe or rail - with a clear view overhead to mount the unit on. Select the box unit with solar power for ultimate energy savings for Iridium satellite vessel tracking!

Easy Installation for Secure Vessel GPS Position Tracking

Vessel installation is as simple as clamping the device on a pole or rail - positioned with an unobstructed view of the sky - and supplying power. XTracker IR (Iridium) starts submitting GPS position reports for satellite vessel tracking immediately upon power up. Everything is controlled from shore, including position reporting and polling intervals. There are no buttons or switches on the XTracker IR unit. Vessels equipped with XTracker IR can be monitored on a secure password-protected website or with Google Earth. Position reports can be e-mailed to a predefined address or downloaded and displayed on vessels using our XGate software.

XTracker Solar Powered Vessel Tracking

Alternate Enclosure - Same outstanding tracking system as the XTracker Standard, but designed using an Alternate Dome Enclosure.

Purchase of Iridium XTracker gives owner access to GMN WebTrack website for posting GPS position reports and vessel information viewable by anyone with a web browser.

Global Marine Networks is a proud member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) and provides fleet tracking for the organization in harsh Antarctic conditions.

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