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SailBlogs™ Satellite Blogging via Email

SailBlogs Amazing Capabilities for Remote Blogging and Location Tagging through Google Earth Now Come Standard with Most XGate Subscriptions

Satellite Blogging and Vessel Tracking

Its easy to update your offshore blog with the touch of one button, and provide location tagging through Google Earth for your family and friends to see your location. XGate brings unmatched ease to your experience.

Now, for the first time, Sailblogs is FREE with XGate Satellite Email Service when you purchase an XGate subscription of 3 months or more. It's fun, exciting, simple and now, completely free! Blogging is all the rage, and SailBlogs via XGate satellite email service makes your offshore blogging simple and cost efficient. You can share your pictures, create a diary, send position reports and vessel tracking on a world map with the Goggle Earth interface from anywhere in the world - all in one EASY step.

Create an impressive presentation without having to do any programming yourself. Simply design your own website for blogging with the numerous templates available, add your own personal touches like photos, submit your blog via XGate with the touch of one button and presto you're done! Your friends, families, in-laws and out-laws can logon to your site, add their comments, and follow your journey. And you can remain "in the know" about the happenings at home.

It is easy to add SailBlogs to your XGate Satellite Email service.

SailBlogs Features for Offshore Blogging

  • Easy-to-use Web interface for adding, editing, and deleting journal entries
  • No special/custom hardware required
  • Create a record of your journey with offshore vessel tracking
  • Create entries and post-dated entries from both land via the web and offshore via satellite
  • Attach photos to entries (which are uploaded to the server, not merely linked to a second site)
  • Create categories for blog posts
  • Allow visitors to leave comments
  • Theme manager allows for user-specified color scheme
  • Archival feature for backup "zip" files
  • No posting limits (12MB image storage capacity)
  • Listing, if desired, in the directory of weblogs
  • Access to Member Forum for support and announcements
  • 100Mb of disk space upgradable to 1.2Gb.
  • Unlimited position reports
  • Advanced mapping & position history
  • Simplified administration
  • Efficient one button upload to blog via satellite phone XGate compression

XGate Satellite Email with SailBlogs is the easiest and most cost efficient method for satellite blogging available. ONE BUTTON uploads both blog and offshore vessel tracking to save you valuable time and airtime dollars.

Who Uses XGate Satellite Email?

XGate is perfect for anyone who uses a satellite phone. It works on any system, and lets you get more done in less time, all while saving airtime costs. Whether staying in touch outside of cellular coverage areas, or accessing email for business continuity after a hurricane, earthquake or other natural disaster, XGate has thousands of satisfied users in the following applications:

  • Recreational Maritime
  • Commercial Maritime
  • Government, Business Continuity and First Responders
  • Natural Resources

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GPS Vessel Tracking

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XGate Works with These Providers, or Any IP-Based Connection

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SailBlogs is FREE with all XGate subscriptions of 3 months or more.

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