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XGate satellite phone email for Apple iOS – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

XGate satellite phone email for Apple iOS – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

XGate Satellite Phone email for iPad iPhone iPod Touch iOSXGate satellite phone email and web browsing service is now available as an iOS App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users. Best of all, it’s free to XGate subscribers. Simply download XGate in the iTunes App store.

Those of you who have followed the Iridium AxcessPoint launch will have an idea how this works. Others may ask: How can I get my satellite phone data service to work with my iPad, you ask? The iPad will only work with either cellular or Wi-Fi data. You need a way to turn your satellite phone data feed into a Wi-Fi signal. That’s why we created the RedPort wXa-202 satellite firewall and the Optimizer. Simply plug in your USB (like you’d find on an Iridium 9555 or Extreme or IsatPhone Pro) or Ethernet cable (like you’d find on an Inmarsat BGAN or FleetBroadband device) and start XGate on your iOS device.

The wXa-202 or Optimizer will create a Wi-Fi hotspot your iPad can see and use it to access your satellite phone.

XGate will control your satellite phone through the wXa-202 or Optimizer to dial and hang up.

The wXa-202 or Optimizer will act as a firewall, eliminating unwanted data requests from your computer, including Windows and virus updates, Skype background transfers, etc.

There are a couple of other advantages as well:

XGate will work over your cellular or Wi-Fi connection as well – that means you can save a lot of money on your data rates if you’re internationally roaming, or if you’re bumping up against your cellular data plan limit.

XGate stores your email on your iOS device, unlike Apple Mail which requires data access for anything more than your most current mail.

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