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XGate Satellite Email Named One of Best Satellite Communications Apps

XGate Satellite Email Named One of Best Satellite Communications Apps

XGate satellite email serviceXGate satellite email service was named by Global Telesat Communications as one of the best apps for satellite communications.

XGate is state-of-the-art data compression software that delivers email, weather, web, and social media – right over your satellite phone. XGate is carrier-independent which means that you can use it with any satellite carrier using an IP-based satellite device (ie: the vast majority of them).

Global Telesat Communications said this about XGate:

“XGate is the easy way to access email through a satellite connection.  The app compresses the data sent and received offering up to 85% savings on satellite airtime expenses.  It also blocks out other unnecessary data use by the phone to avoid a large bill at the end of your trip!”

XGate is the leading independent satellite data service with thousands of people all over the world currently using XGate to keep connected over satellite.

Although Global Telesat Communications specifically mentions the iOS and Android versions of XGate, XGate is also available for PC and Mac. Once you have an XGate account you can use XGate on any device you have – no need to pay more to use different or multiple devices.

You can read the whole article from Global Telesat Communications here: Our Pick of the Best Satellite Communications Apps.

XGate Satellite Email Service

You can read more about XGate here. If you have any questions about XGate or would like advice on the right satellite communications setup for your needs, please get in contact. We’re here to help.

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