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WeatherNet Weather On Demand

WeatherNet™ offers fast, cost effective and reliable access to weather and ocean information while at sea, over your satellite phone. Download weather on demand when and where you need it. Products are conveniently indexed with our unique award winning, patent pending process to assure comprehensive weather coverage designed to save you money and function with ease and reliability.

WeatherNet is a system designed to optimize the download of weather and ocean data products via satellite phones and other wireless connections. It offers highly compressed text, images, charts, buoy data, radar, GRIB files, and many more formats. With over 20,000 conveniently indexed, continuously updated weather products, WeatherNet is the largest most comprehensive source of weather data in the world...and the easiest to use! Geographically indexed weather products are quickly available in convenient batch format, by the push of a button. This product is revolutionary in that there are no firm schedules to adhere to or lengthy downloads. You get the data you need, when you need it.

Bottom line... WeatherNet's advanced compression features dramatically reduce the time required to download weather. This savings in time translates directly to air time savings to you.

Wireless Interfaces

WeatherNet supports any wireless interface that supports a Windows Dial Up Interface. Supported devices include:

  • Iridium
  • Globalstar satellite phones
  • Cellular phones
  • Inmarsat A/B/M/Mini-M/Fleet/Fleet Broadband
  • MSV/MSAT/VSAT Satellite
  • SSB/HF Pactor III
  • Generic Internet Connection (Dial up, DSL, ISDN, Broadband)
  • E-Mail interface allows WeatherNet to request weather using any E-Mail client. Works with SailMail (AirMail), Winlink (AirMail), Outlook Express, OCENS Mail, XGate, MAPI, Cut/Paste buffer, and many others.

WeatherNet Cost

WeatherNet's fee structure is revolutionary. Simply activate your annual subscription and then pay only for the weather you download. Each weather product is priced independently. Data costs, plus estimated download times, are computed prior to the download. The amazing thing is that WeatherNet is so efficient that you will pay less using this service than you would pay by downloading this data, for free, over the Internet using conventional methods! WeatherNet's advanced compression features dramatically reduce the time required to download weather. This savings in time translates directly to air time savings to you. Here is a sampling of the data available and their respective fees:


24 hr. East Pacific Surface Analysis Infrared Image with Chart



Wind speed at Buoy 46001 (Offshore Gulf of AK)


Fish Prices

Far North Atlantic/Grimsby Fish Market Fish Prices



Ice Concentration by region



Composite long range reflectivity for Thunder Bay, Great Lakes, Canada


Ocean Chart

Indian Ocean Charts, Arabian Gulf, Sea Surface Temp (SST)


Weather Chart

24 Hour Wind Wave Forecast for Australia region



Gulf of Mexico, Coastal Forecast, Baffin Bay to Rio Grande


Satellite Imagery

GOES IR (by region)


Fishing Reports

Norwegian Catch Journal - N Sea Herring - Last 7 days


Interactive Weather

Text, 5 Day Wind/Wave Voyage Forecast



Hi Resolution 24 Hr. Wind Forecast, Europe



Hi Resolution Sea surface Temperatures



High Resolution Surface Winds (by region)


How WeatherNet works

WeatherNet allows you to group multiple weather data files into a Batch that will download together. To create a Batch, you simply drag the weather products that you want, for your selected region, into a Batch folder and then start the download of the Batch with the push of a button. WeatherNet will connect to the server via a wireless connection or via an Internet network connection, request your selected weather products, download your requested weather products and immediately close the connection. WeatherNet will then display the newly downloaded weather data with your choice of viewers.

Here is what is happening behind the scenes.

WeatherNet consists of these three components:

  • An Internet robot: It continuously crawls the Internet updating the weather data on the WeatherNet server.
  • The WeatherNet server: When you request weather data products via WeatherNet, the server accepts your request, compresses the data, packs the data into a proprietary data stream specifically designed for wireless data connections, and sends the data to you.
  • The client application (your computer): The user interface for WeatherNet allows you to easily select weather products to create batches which can then be enabled or disabled as needed with the click of a button.

To download any Batch of weather data you simply run the WeatherNet program on your Windows PC or Mac, select the Batch you want to receive and push the download button. The latest weather data available is downloaded to you in a few minutes. WeatherNet allows you to store multiple batch configurations for repeated use. If you prefer, WeatherNet can be configured to email you the selected batch instead of downloading it to you. You get the data you need, when you request it. No more waiting for scheduled broadcasts.

Compression Saves You Money

Here are some of the ways we reduce weather data sizes and save you money.

  • Proprietary transfer protocol - The WeatherNet server speaks to the WeatherNet program running on your PC or Mac with a wireless protocol specifically designed to optimize download transfers of data.*
  • Proprietary compression of weather images - WeatherNet's compression technology reduces standard weather images by 2 to 10 times their original size.
  • HTML stripping - All HTML weather content is converted to plain text reducing sizes by a factor of 5. A 10K offshore HTML forecast is reduced to 2K for example.
  • Data condensation - For certain weather products, such as Buoy data, WeatherNet extracts pertinent material removing dead wood. Buoy Text goes from 100 lines to 2 lines yielding current observation data and removing all historical readings.

*Standard Internet protocols such as FTP and HTTP are very inefficient when downloading weather over a wireless device such as a satellite phone. Our benchmarks show an increase of 3x when transferring comparable data with WeatherNet vs. FTP over a Globalstar satellite link. A factor of 7x improvement has been observed for HTTP transfers over the same medium.

Viewing Weather Data

Weather data comes in various formats; text files, image files, GRIB files and animations. WeatherNet includes iView, a freeware graphics package for viewing charts. GRIB files require a GRIB file viewer. We recommend GRIB Explorer software for viewing GRIB files as it will allow you to view and manipulate the GRIB data available in WeatherNet. To view the animation files, we recommend MetMapper software as it permits a wide array of annotation and analysis.

Need to know more about weather forecasting with GRIB files? Check out Chris Parker's Coastal and Offshore Weather, the Essential Handbook

Bottom line... WeatherNet's advanced compression features dramatically reduce the time required to download weather. This savings in time translates directly to air time savings to you.

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