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WeatherTrack Now Works with XGate for Satellite GRIB Files Over iOS

WeatherTrack Now Works with XGate for Satellite GRIB Files Over iOS

WeatherTrack Now Integrated With XGateWeatherTrack, the popular iOS app for downloading and viewing GRIB files, is now integrated with XGate satellite email service and Optimizer satellite WiFi hotspot and firewall to facilitate retrieval of GRIB files over satellite connections. WeatherTrack bills itself as the swiss-army-knife of weather apps. This is because it offers a GRIB viewer, in-route weather info, global and local satellite view forecasts, and selected online weather forecasts in a handy iOS app. The newest WeatherTrack feature is unique on the entire iOS market as you can get several GRIB files from different providers with one single request which will be merged in the app and displayed as one convenient file. Learn more at the WeatherTrack website.

How Does WeatherTrack Work with XGate?

WeatherTrack works with XGate to retrieve GRIB files over satellite connection in the following way:

  • Fire up WeatherTrack
  • Choose the GRIB files you want
  • Send request through XGate
  • Do an email session in XGate (request is sent)
  • Wait a short period of time
  • Do another email session to download GRIB files

Video Demonstration on How To Download GRIB Files With WeatherTrack and XGate Over Satellite 

Curious how WeatherTrack integrates with XGate? Here is a short video on how it works:

More About WeatherTrack

WeatherTrack itself says this:

WeatherTrack works offline. The app offers a specifically designed worldwide offline map. Users do not need internet to display a map or use any other features. GRIB files can be downloaded through a SSB or satellite connection and transmitted via iTunes to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch  or PC. You can choose to open GRIB file attachments from email messages in WeatherTrack. This gives access to specialized weather forecasts, for example higher resolution data available from commercial subscription based services. Estimating file size to control your roaming fees and satellite airtime bill as well as a universal application to run on all mobile i-devices was crucial to the development of WeatherTrack from the very beginning. WeatherTrack is fully functional on the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. No additional costs! No additional fees! No Advertising – WeatherTrack is an ad free weather app. Use WeatherTrack to get simple, accurate information on wind speed or wind direction, pressure, air-/sea temperature, precipitation, wave height or wave direction, current, cloud cover, CAPE (severe weather data) and many more details.

Get WeatherTrack and XGate

You can download WeatherTrack at the Apple App Store. You can try a free 3-day trial of XGate satellite email service, or choose your XGate prepaid subscription voucher here.

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