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VIDEOS: AxcessPoint Training from Iridium 2012 Conference

VIDEOS: AxcessPoint Training from Iridium 2012 Conference

Satellite communication technology continues to evolve and today Global Marine Networks offered detailed training at the Iridium Partner’s Conference 2012 on AxcessPoint Mail & Web. GMN developed AxcessPoint Mail & Web for Iridium.

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These three videos deliver detailed instructional information about satellite email, satellite web, marine weather and more:

  • Video 1 – AxcessPoint Introduction and Registration: advantages, requirements and demo of registration process (9 minutes)
  • Video 2 – Installation and Satellite email and web demos: iOS compatibility, demos of download and installation, how to create and send email, web browsing, important app control areas (17 minutes)
  • Video 3 – Marine Weather and GPS demos:  put it all together to download GRIBs, forecasts, GPS location and more on your iPod, iPad or iPhone at sea (18 minutes)

You will learn:

  • How to use your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone with the Iridium AxcessPoint Mail & Web Apple iOS app for satellite phone email and web browsing
  • How to use your Iridium satellite phone, an optional Iridium AxcessPoint WiFi hotspot and Marine Weather apps.

This is a complete reliable solution to receive, display and manage email, web and weather on open seas or any remote location with your iPod, iPad and other iOS devices.

Click button above for access to the videos to view now or later.

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