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Video 3: Marine Weather and GPS Demos on AxcessPoint

Video 3: Marine Weather and GPS Demos on AxcessPoint

How to Access GRIB Files on Iridium for Weather and GPS positions via Ipod, Ipad and Android

AxcessPoint is a wi-fi hotspot and firewall for satellite phone email, web, marine weather, GRIB files and GPS position reports. It works with the Iridium 9555 or the Iridium Extreme 9575 and your iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, Android, Pc or Mac. – AxcessPoint Mail and Web can work with two weather related apps: iNavX and Weather4D.

– iNavX ($49) can download charts and display your position using the iOS device’s built-in GPS. It has been designed to interface with the Iridium AxcessPoint Mail and Web software to allow acquisition of weather data via satellite phone for display and analysis in iNavX.

– Weather4D is a weather only app.

The video then proceeds to demo the iNavX procedure for requesting weather info based on the current chart display.

– To request the weather data you need, you have to set up the GRIB file parameters within the iNavX app which can be seen after clicking the “forecast” button on the bottom-right of the iNavX main screen.

– Then select “Request via AxcessPoint” which starts the AxcessPoint Mail and Web software.

– There will be an email in the outbox of the AxcessPoint Mail and Web software that was automatically generated by iNavX based on your desired GRIB file parameters.

– Requesting weather is a two-step process: an outbound email requesting the data followed by an inbound email delivering the requested data. This process typically takes two data connection sessions with the satellite phone. Because of this, it can be convenient to enable the “Text when mail is available” setting so that you receive a free text message letting you know when your weather data email is ready for download.

– Once the weather email is received, click on the attached GRIB file and select iNavX to open it. The iNavX program will open. Within iNavX, click on the Forecast button and then click on the name of the GRIB file to view it.

The video then goes into the explanation of “Big Mail” and the settings associated with it.

See a demonstration of GPS position reporting.

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