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Ship Vessel Tracking Hardware Devices and Software Solutions

vessel tracking

Ship vessel tracking is used by professional mariners to keep track of assets (vessel, cargo, buoys, etc.) and monitor positions as part of their fleet management. Recreational mariners and adventurers also use this service to keep family and friends informed. Many adventure cruise ships, fishing fleets, private yachts, transport vessels, racers and remote land trekkers currently rely on GMN's dependable, affordable and adaptable vessel tracking services.

Using satellite technology to transmit position reports, owners, operators, affiliates, family and friends can view a vessel's (or vehicle's) position (lat/lon), course and speed with the use of a username and password on a secure internet site. Position reports can also be sent via email for viewing locally without the need for an internet connection.

Ship GPS Tracking - Hardware Solutions

Many types of hardware transponders can generate position reports relayed by satellite. We recommend XTracker units for their easy installation and modest power requirements. XTrackers are available for the Iridium and the Globalstar satellite systems. The following units will also transmit position reports and do not include a built-in display for viewing. Beam 9555 SatDock, Beam 9555 PotsDock, IsatDOCK, Inmarsat Oceana 800 FleetPhone, and Iridium 9575 Handheld Satellite Phone.

After hardware is installed to transmit the position reports, this information can be viewed on the web. For some, web viewing of GPS tracking data over slow satellite connections can be cost prohibitive. However, XGate Satellite Email can complement these transponders by sending highly optimized tracking reports via email to any email address including ships at sea. This information can then be viewed locally, offline, with any .kml or .trk capable viewer.

Ship GPS Tracking - Software Solutions

XGate Satellite Email with Vessel Tracking enabled.
Configure XGate Satellite Email software to read the vessel's GPS data and send the vessel's position in the header of every email sent. Email recipients can examine the email header to obtain the vessel's exact position at the time the email was sent. XGate can also be configured to send periodic position reports, all with a satellite phone. No need for additional tracking hardware.

The tracking information which includes the GPS position, course and speed also becomes available on the secure website. A username and password is required to access the information. The vessel/fleet owner can request position reports for all vessels in the fleet using just a satellite phone. This works much like AIS on a global scale using satellite phones instead of VHF. XGate sends highly optimized tracking reports via email to any email address including ships at sea. The information can then be viewed locally, offline, with any .kml or .trk capable viewer.

XGate Satellite Email with SailBlogs is another software option which provides vessel tracking with your offshore blogging, all with the touch of one button. Share pictures, create a diary and send position reports from anywhere in the world.

View and Manage Individual or Fleet Vessel Tracking Data

Vessel tracking data includes Vessel Name, Date, Time, Lat, Lon, Course and Speed. It is stored on the private and secure GMN ship tracking site and is not available to the public. A username and password is required to access the information. However, with an internet connection and an internet browser, the data is available from anywhere in the world without the need for special software.

There are two vessel tracking websites available:

The Standard Tracking Site displays the latest position information plus tracking data for the last 30 days.

The Pro Tracker Site is an efficient and useful tracking interface for any vessel/fleet manager. Display current and historical ship tracking data, track a single vessel or the entire fleet, enable custom geozones and alerts and more, from any web browser anywhere in the world.

In addition to the tracking website, with XGate Satellite Email, highly optimized tracking reports can be sent to any email address, including ships at sea. Vessel/fleet owners can request position reports for all vessels in a fleet and view the information offline without consuming valuable satellite airtime.

Vessel Tracking Works with These Providers, or Any IP-Based Connection

Iridium Email/Internet Satellite Phone Service Inmarsat Email/Internet Satellite Phone Service Globalstar Email/Internet Satellite Phone Service Thuraya Email/Internet Satellite Phone Service MSAT G2 Email/Internet Satellite Phone Service VSAT Email/Internet Satellite Phone Service

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Hardware Solutions:

  • XTracker for Iridium
  • XTracker for Globalstar
  • Beam 9555 SatDock
  • Beam 9555 PotsDock
  • IsatDOCK
  • Inmarsat Oceana 800 FleetPhone

  • Software Solutions:

  • Vessel Tracking via XGate
  • Vessel Tracking via SailBlogs

  • Viewing and Managing Tracking Data:

  • Pro Tracker Site
  • Standard Tracking Site

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