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Trade in AxcessPoint and Upgrade to Optimizer for 50% Off

Trade in AxcessPoint and Upgrade to Optimizer for 50% Off

This promotion is no longer valid

Iridium AxcessPoint Trade In Program

For a limited time, trade-in your Iridium AxcessPoint device and get Optimizer for 50% off the retail price.

Iridium is discontinuing their Iridium AxcessPoint device. While this won’t immediately affect AxcessPoint and AxcessPoint Mail & Web users, it does mean that in the future there won’t be software updates or hardware service for AxcessPoint. If you upgrade your satellite phone or upgrade your computer or mobile device, the service may not work at all for you.

RedPort Optimizer vs AxcessPoint – Is it Worth Upgrading?

Optimizer Satellite WiFi HotspotAside from the fact that Optimizer is a rapidly growing, Iridium-certified product with no end in sight and excellent support to back it up, there are some tangible benefits to using Optimizer over the AxcessPoint.

  • When using its external battery, the Optimizer’s battery lasts more than 10 times longer than AxcessPoint’s.
  • Optimizer has a faster processor, which speeds up connections, updates, and bootup.
  • Optimizer has a longer WiFi range.
  • Optimizer has much better cross-platform integration.

And that’s just the hardware. What about the software?

XGate or Iridium Mail & Web

XGate satellite email serviceOptimizer has traditionally only worked with XGate satellite email service (or one of the RedPort Optimizer-compatible services like, SpeedMail, and OCENS Mail, among others). Now, Iridium AxcessPoint Mail & Web users can use Iridium’s free email program – now called Iridium Mail & Web – with the Optimizer.

Keep in mind, however, that Iridium Mail & Web only works with smartphones and tablets. Iridium’s version that works with laptops and computers (called AxcessPoint Mail & Web) will be discontinued along with the AxcessPoint device.

XGate may be a better choice for many users because Iridium Mail & Web, along with only working on smartphones and tablets, will only work while using Iridium satellite airtime. XGate allows you to use any internet connection you may have, saving time and money.

Regardless of whether you use XGate or Iridium Mail & Web, you have the flexibility to use the compression email program that works best for you, all in tandem with Optimizer’s world-class firewall.

50% Off Optimizer?

Here’s how it works: you purchase RedPort Optimizer for full retail price and then send us back your AxcessPoint device. When we receive your AxcessPoint (along with this form) we will refund $75 back to the credit card you used to purchase Optimizer. (If you purchased Optimizer from another certified RedPort dealer, please contact them for instructions).

That’s it! Easy peasy.

This promotion isn’t going to last long, so make sure to upgrade now.

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