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Top Marine Satellite Wi-Fi Terminal Of 2018

Top Marine Satellite Wi-Fi Terminal Of 2018

For 2018, it is crucial for leisure cruisers to stay connected with the top maritime satellite Wi-Fi terminal. For new and veteran cruisers alike we all need voice, email, data, weather, social media, and tracking, preferably in a single robust unit that can stand up to extreme conditions. For 2018 and beyond we recommend the RedPort Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal.

RedPort Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal

The RedPort Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal is the world’s first and only satellite terminal built to handle extreme conditions at sea that also provides you access and global coverage on the Iridium network with the power of RedPort hardware and services. The Glow is easy to install (1″ x 14t fitting), easy to use (all in one unit design) and easy to live with when you can conveniently use Wi-Fi to connect from anywhere on your boat.

Glow delivers satellite-optimized voice, email, weather forecasts, social media and location sharing all at your fingertips. The integrated features save you airtime and connect you easily by using highly compressed data and tried and true services used by thousands of cruisers for over 15 years.


Iridium Coverage and Voice

Glow is connected using the Iridium satellite network providing you full global coverage. Use your existing smartphone, wi-fi phone, and standard telephone (with ATA adaptor). With Glow’s included phone exchange you can place calls from one end of the vessel to the other or around the world. Available Iridium airtime plans on Glow are:


Connecting and sharing data couldn’t be easier with Glow. Access optimized email. Get trip planning and real-time weather and wave forecasts with PredictWind: Marine Weather & Wind Forecasting Software. Post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all with XGate Satellite Phone Email and Data Services.

Tracking Services

Glow provides tracking services using a built-in GPS. With RedPort Tracking you are in control. A Friendly web portal makes it quick and easy for you and others to see your trip.

Built for Boats

Glow’s stand-alone ten year rated marine grade dome mounts outside, giving you maximum performance capabilities. An Ethernet cable provides power and optional connectivity. Best of all there is no cable loss, this means truer 2.4kbps speeds and keeping you connected faster and easier.

How to Purchase 

Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal Savings Bundle

Savings Bundle Includes:

  • Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal
  • 6 Months of XGate Email
  • 6 Months of PredictWind Lite
  • 1 Month of Iridium Glow Unlimited Airtime
  • 12V Power Adapter


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Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal

Includes the Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal and ATA adaptor for standard telephone hook up.


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