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Tips to Test Your Satellite Phone

Tips to Test Your Satellite Phone


Global Marine Networks and Iridium value our first responders, emergency workers and others working on the front lines. We understand the importance of a user’s satellite phone and its ability to be ready to go when in life-threatening situations. That’s why the annual “Test Your Satellite Phone” program, eleven years strong, was designed. A few simple steps can ensure the operational status and functionality of your satellite phone before you reach a sudden emergency.

The Next Steps to Be Prepared 

This year the “Test Your Satellite Phone” Week is May 7 – May 13, 2017.  Help Global Marine Networks and Iridium in promoting the importance of emergency preparedness!  As a service to all satellite phone users, Iridium provides a dedicated test number to call and ensure your device is working properly at all times. To test, follow these steps:

  • Turn on your phone
  • Call 001-480-752-5105*
  • If your phone is working, you will hear a call completion confirmation message as well as some quick tips on proper handset usage. If you discover that your phone is not operational, contact your Iridium service provider for assistance.

Tips to Test Your Phone Anytime

  • Go outside
  • Turn on your phone
  • Extend the antenna toward the sky
  • Wait for the green LED network indicator
  • Dial 00 + country code + phone number
  • Press the green button to start your call

Tips to Stay Prepared at All Times

  • Test your phone monthly
  • Keep the battery charged
  • Ensure SIM card is locked in place
  • Protect your phone’s antenna
  • Call in an unobstructed outdoor area
  • Refer to your User Guide for proper use

Testing An Iridium 9555

Be Social

As a community, we are strong. Help us spread the word about Test Your Satellite Phone week on Facebook and Twitter. Regular testing can ensure satellite phone devices are ready for anything and keep our first responders prepared.

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