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IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone Firmware Update – Mandatory!

Very important firmware update for IsatPhone Pro users! This firmware update will dramatically affect IsatPhone Pro users. IsatPhone Pros that do not have the updated firmware will not be able to register on the network to make or receive calls. […]

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Iridium Racing Savings Bundle

New Racing Satellite Airtime and Email Savings Bundles from GMN

Brand-new racing savings bundles! We provide satellite communication services and equipment to people and entities all over the planet and they all have a special place in our hearts. But it’s undeniable that there’s just something special with boating races. Maybe […]

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Satellite Airtime Billing Increments: Why They Can Make or Break Your Bill

Let’s say you’ve done your calculations on your airtime down to the pennies. You’ve calculated transfer rates. You know how much you pay for airtime. So you think that sending an 15 kb email (with compression) over your Iridium 9555 […]

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IsatPhone Pro Faulty Firmware Fix Now Available

Inmarsat has announced that the promised firmware update to the IsatPhone Pro is available for download from This new firmware version 5.3.0 fixes a fault with versions 5.1.0 and 5.2.0 that causes the battery not to charge when the […]

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IsatPhone Pro Faulty Firmware Alert

PLEASE NOTE: The fix is now available. You can find details here: Inmarsat has announced a fault in firmware versions 5.1.0 and 5.2.0 (the latest) in IsatPhone Pro handsets with IMEI number above 353032041133824. The battery on these phones does […]

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How To Use XGate Satellite Email – New Videos!

You asked for it…a video on how to use XGate Satellite Phone Email Service. We’ve delivered. Watch as Dr. Luis Soltero demonstrates XGate, using the new GMN Optimizer to WiFi connect with an IsatPhone Pro handheld satellite phone. Do you […]

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Inmarsat Prepaid Airtime for the U.S. + Free Optimizer

Inmarsat Offers New Prepaid Airtime Services in U.S. Inmarsat now offers global prepaid satellite services, for both voice and data, for all existing land and maritime services including IsatPhonePro, BGAN, FleetPhone and FleetBroadband. This is great news for those that […]

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Android Email and Web via Satellite Phone with XGate

Now, Android smartphone and tablet users can access email and accelerated web browsing with XGate for Android, and the RedPort Optimizer. There’s nothing like the convenience of staying in touch via email and the web with your Android device – […]

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IsatPhone or Iridium Cheaper for Gribs at Sea with Mac iOS?

Recently we were contacted by a cruiser that wanted to get GRIB files onto his iPad over a satellite phone while at sea. He was looking for the least expensive way to do this. Knowing the Isatphone Pro handset costs […]

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Cruising World Magazine lauds XGate and Global Marine Networks

Cruising World Magazine Recommends Global Marine Networks’ XGate software for satellite phone email, web, blogging We’re blushing after another great mention from our friends at Cruising World Magazine. In the print edition of the publication, Editor Mark Pillsbury says: “The […]

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