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HF Radio vs. Satellite Phones: What is Really “Free”?

One of our most popular blog posts is a discussion of HF Radio vs. Satellite Phones. The information is still solid (and the conclusions the same), but more than a year and a half have passed since we wrote that […]

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Affordable Blue Water Cruising Satellite Communication Systems

New choices in satellite communications, plus traditional radio technologies help Blue Water Cruisers stay in touch while on the water, according to the new white paper “Staying In Touch Offshore” from Global Marine Networks. With satellite phone providers introducing new […]

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HF Radio and Pactor Modems vs. Satellite Phones for Email at Sea

Edit: We’ve revisited this topic in a new blog post where we dig even deeper into the actual costs of doing ship-to-shore communications over HF radio vs. satellite phones. You can read that blog post by clicking here. Time and […]

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