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Globalstar Prepaid Airtime Coverage Map

Globalstar Introduces Prepaid Satellite Airtime Calling Cards

Please be advised that as of August 15th, 2016, Globalstar will no longer be offering prepaid airtime. As such, we are unable to activate or re-charge Globalstar prepaid cards. Please call for alternative plans.  Globalstar has just introduced brand-new prepaid […]

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Globalstar Incoming Satellite phone calls

How To Make Cheap Phone Calls to Satellite Phones

We recently wrote a blog post about the cost to call a satellite phone from a cellphone. Since those prices (around the $13 a minute) are exorbitant by any measure, we decided to put together a follow-up post about how […]

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Cost to Call a Satellite Phone from a Cellphone

One of the questions we get fairly often is, “How much will it cost my family/office/friends to call me on my satellite phone?” The answer depends on which phone carrier your contact has and, to a lesser extent, which plan […]

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Satellite Airtime Rates: Iridium Minute Expiration, Iridium Rate Increase, Globalstar Savings Promotion, etc

There’s been a lot of little modifications to satellite phone airtime in the last few weeks. Although it’s normal for satellite airtime prices to fluctuate (and, unfortunately, go up), it does seem like everything is culminating for a December of […]

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What’s The Difference Between Prepaid and Postpaid Satellite Airtime?

Ever wonder what the difference is between prepaid and postpaid satellite airtime? Is one cheaper than the other? Do all providers have both prepaid or postpaid? Can you combine the two? Satellite airtime is very, verrrrrrrry complicated. Although it might be easy […]

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Android Email and Web via Satellite Phone with XGate

Now, Android smartphone and tablet users can access email and accelerated web browsing with XGate for Android, and the RedPort Optimizer. There’s nothing like the convenience of staying in touch via email and the web with your Android device – […]

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Send email over Globalstar with iPad XGate app & GMN Optimizer

Satellite communication took another innovative leap forward today when GMN labs sent the first iOS email using a Globalstar GSP-1700, Optimizer and XGate satellite email for iOS, available in the iTunes App Store. Optimizer WiFi Hotspot Router and Firewall Transmission […]

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Iridium AxcessPoint Review

Iridium AxcessPoint Review Iridium’s recent press release announcing the availability of the “First Apple iOS App Available on Iridium” has garnered its share of press from the general technology sites including CNET and Engadget. As a long-time satellite industry veteran, […]

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