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Globalstar Prepaid Airtime

Globalstar Prepaid Plans Discontinued

Effective August 15, 2016, Globalstar discontinued all of their prepaid airtime plan options. To view the current prices, visit or you are welcome to contact us at 877-379-8723 if you have any questions. Subscribe To Our Blog to Get […]

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Globalstar Incoming Satellite phone calls

Globalstar “Home Zone” Now Includes Much of South America

Globalstar recently expanded its “Home Zone” to include most of South America. Why is this a good thing for Globalstar users? Remember that Globalstar operates a lot like a cellular carrier, with roaming fees, long distance, etc. Unlike other satellite […]

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Globalstar GSP-1700 Satellite Phone

Globalstar Free Phone Promo Ends Soon!

The Globalstar Free Phone Promo will be done at the end of the year, so you’ve only got about 4 weeks left to get your free Globalstar satellite phone. Here’s how it works: You choose your airtime plan You pay […]

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XGate Image Compression Stairs Test: Image 01

How to Send Photos Over Your Satellite Phone

Ever wonder how to send photos over your satellite phone without breaking the bank? Satellite phone speeds typically vary between 2.4kbps (Iridium and Inmarsat) to 9.6 kbps (Globalstar). That means that your Iridium or Inmarsat satellite phone has a max […]

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Test Your Satellite Phone

How To Test If Your Satellite Phone Is Working

Whether there’s a hurricane heading your way or you’re about to cast off towards the great blue horizon, it’s a good idea to test your satellite phone. We’ve included testing instructions for three of the most popular satellite phone carriers. […]

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Receiving a SMS message on an Iridium Satellite Phone

How To Text and Send SMS to a Satellite Phone

For friends, family, and business contacts, contacting a person on a satellite phone can be a bit of a headache. (See a popular blog post we did about the cost of calling a satellite phone from your US cellphone). This […]

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IsatPhone Pro Airtime Increase

Top 5 Satellite Phones for Emergency Responders

Satellite connectivity is great if you’re offshore and wanting to chat with friends back home – but when satellite communications really shine is in emergency situations where there are no other options available.  This is why emergency response and preparedness […]

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IsatPhone Pro Airtime Increase

IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone To Be Discontinued

The End of the IsatPhone Pro? Indeed, the popular satellite handset from Inmarsat will be discontinued in the near future. IsatPhone Pro satellite phones will continue to work with the Inmarsat satellite array, but they will stop being supported by […]

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Globalstar Sat-Fi

Globalstar Sat-Fi: It’s New, It’s Available, and It’s Awesome

Just in time for summer, the Globalstar Sat-Fi is out. The mysterious Sat-Fi, mentioned once by Globalstar early in 2014 and never spoken of since, has been released! Globalstar pulled a Beyoncé with this one by introducing a brand-new satellite phone […]

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Miami Satellite Phone Theft

Massive Theft of Satellite Phones from Retailer in Miami

On Monday night on June 16th, thieves broke into a Miami-based retailer of satellite phones and marine electronics and made off with over $300,000 worth of equipment. The thieves were able to break into the store without setting off an […]

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