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Frequently Asked Questions

XGate Satellite Phone Email Service

How Do I Install XGate?

You might find the following Quick Start Guides helpful:

You can see all documents and manuals for XGate satellite email service on the documents page.

Does XGate Work with the IsatPhone Pro?

Yes, XGate Satellite Phone Email works well with the IsatPhone Pro. The phone must be running firmware version 5.2.0 or higher and the SIM card in your phone must be data-enabled.

How Do I Configure My Windows 7 Firewall to Work with XGate?

While we highly recommend Optimizer for the absolute best firewall protection, email compression, and airtime savings, you can configure your Windows Firewall to help your satellite connection performance by doing the following:

Windows 7 Firewall Tutorial

XGate Keeps on Crashing

It is likely that something on your computer is crashing XGate. Usually this is caused by some other compression software that compresses tcp traffic. They replace the windows wsock32.dll system file. The crash occurs within this system dll.

Uninstalling the offending software resolves the issue. An example is Venturi which is used by several cell phone manufacturers to compress tcp traffic. A better solution is to get an Optimizer. The Optimizer create a wifi hotspot. The USB dongle can be put on the hotspot and wifi is then used to connect to it. So you can use the same hardware to do a satphone or a USB cell phone based data service.

My Mac Gives Me A 3021 Error

3021 is a lock file. It prevents multiple versions of XGate running at the same time. You do not need to remove XGate to fix this. To clear the error, go to: Finder > MacHD > Users > Your name > and delete the 3021 file. Now you can open XGate.

How Do I Turn Off Notifications for XGate for Android?

Some instances of XGate for Android will generate a notification in the notifications center every 60 seconds. Disabling this feature is very simple. On your Android device go to settings > apps and tap XGate. Uncheck the box next to “Show Notifications.” The notifications will no longer appear in the notification center.

Globalstar GSP-1600 Not Connecting

If you have a Globalstar GSP-1600 satellite phone and are having difficulty establishing a connection with XGate, you must set the baud rate on your GSP-1600 to 19200. To set the baud rate, go to: Menu > 4 > 4.


How Do I Get Optimizer To Work?

You might find the following Quick Start Guide helpful:

Optimizer Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start guide has more detailed instructions on how to get your Optimizer working quickly and easily, but here are the basic instructions:

  • Turn the Optimizer ON.
  • Turn your satphone ON.
  • Connect the Optimizer to your satphone with the appropriate USB cable.
  • On your computer, connect to the wireless network created by the Optimizer. The name of the wireless network will be something like: wxa-102-xxxx, where xxxx is the last four digits of the Mac address of the Optimizer. (You will find the Mac address on the label on the bottom of the Optimizer.)
  • If you are required to enter a password to connect to the wireless network, the password is the full Mac address of the Optimizer. Be very careful with your entry here as the password is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as it appears on the label.
  • Once connected to the wireless network, open XGate and go to Settings > Connection > Connection Parameters > Type, and set Type to “webXacc xxxxxx” where xxxxxx represents your satphone connection. Click [OK].
  • Wait for a strong satphone signal and click [Start] in XGate.

Is There a Warranty for Optimizer?

We are very sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulty with the Optimizer. Although problems are very rare with this piece of hardware, we do guarantee a one year warranty on the unit that protects you in the case of a manufacturing defect.

The best course of action is for you to send the unit back to us for warranty repair inspection. Our engineering department will inspect it for the cause of the malfunction and determine whether the unit can be repaired or must it be replaced. Manufacturing defect repairs/replacements are, of course, performed free of charge. It usually takes 3-5 days for this process; then your repaired or replacement unit is shipped back to you. We ship all warranty items via UPS Ground to a continental U.S. address at no charge to you. Shipping to addresses outside the continental U.S.; however, will be billed to your account.

When you ship the unit back to us, please include the following RMA # on the outside of the box: RMA: GMNxxxxxxxxx

Also, include a brief note on the inside that includes the RMA #, your name, the nature of the problem and your return shipping address.

Ship to:
Global Marine Networks, LLC
Attn: Returns
2668 Jericho Road
Maryville, TN 37803


How Do I Download Free GRIBs?

To receive information on how to download free GRIB files take a look at the GRIB download instructions or you can send an email to

Please Note: GMN offers free GRIB files as a public service. There is NO free technical support provided for these free files. If you would like supported weather information, we recommend Checking out our Weather Services offerings.

Free GRIB Files Not Working Correctly

If your free GRIB files aren’t working correctly, it could it be that your GRIB viewing software is not compatible. Our free GRIB files are compressed in bzip2 format and are about 10Kb in size per day for large regions and about 4Kb per day for the Caribbean.

Predict Wind, MaxSea, MacENC, WindPlot and some other GRIB viewer programs can display these GRIB files directly. If you are using another GRIB viewing software, you may need a special bunzip2 utility to unpack these files.

Not Receiving Free GRIB Files

When GRIB files are not received the usual errors are in the syntax of the request or sending the request to the wrong email address. Send a blank email to for information and instructions on how to receive the free GRIB files by email.


How Do I Change the Language in iScribe?

You can set the email client iScribe to different languages by opening XGate and clicking on the email icon to open iScribe. Now go to File > Options > Appearance > Interface Language > select the preferred language. Click “OK”.

Can I Change My Reply-To Address in iScribe?

To change your outgoing email Reply-To address open iScribe and go to: File > Options > Accounts > Properties. Change the Reply address here.

All outgoing email will now display the changed ReplyTo address. All replies will now go to the changed address. If you want those replies to come to your XGate email account, you must either forward the email from the ReplyTo address to your XGate account or you can add Email Fetching to your XGate account and fetch the email from the ReplyTo address.

I Want to Create Templates in iScribe

Here are step by step instructions for creating Templates in iScribe and using those templates to send email:

  • Open XGate and go to [Email] to open the iScribe email interface.
  • Select [New Email] and create the email template. The Subject line will be the name used for the template.
  • Click [Save]. The template email will now show up in the Outbox folder.
  • Open the Outbox folder and move the newly created email template to the Templates folder. This email template can now be used to send to EVERYONE in your Contact folder.

To send the template email to only a select few, you must first create a Group that contains the email addresses of those you want to receive the template.

  • To create a Group in iScribe, go to [Contacts] [New Group]. Name the Group and enter the email address of each template recipient.
  • Click on [Groups] in the left directory tree.
  • In the right window you will see the name of the Group you just created.
  • Right click on the Group name to get the selection list.
  • Hover over [Mail Merge with Template…] to see a list of Template names.
  • Select the email Template name that you want to send to the Group.
  • Select [Save to Outbox].
  • To send it, go to Outbox, left click on the email, then click [Send].
  • The email will be sent on the next XGate connection.

I Want to Customize My Signature in iScribe

  • Open up Xgate
  • Click Email
  • Click File > Options
  • Click Accounts
  • Click Properties (with XGate Highlighted)
  • Change your signature in the white box under “Plain Text” and then click “OK”.

How Do I Update the Firmware on the Iridium 9555?

See step by step instructions

How Do I Turn on Automatic Connection for the Sailor FleetOne?

See step by step instructions

I Still Need Help

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Please feel free to contact us for further support.


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