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Global Marine Networks Software Downloads

Global Marine Networks provides world-renowned software and services, including XGate satellite email service and PredictWind Offshore for weather forecasts.

XGate Satellite Data Services

Includes PredictWind Offshore App. Check out the dedicated XGate info page for more information about XGate Satellite Email Service and the amazing compression (and airtime savings) it offers. You can also download the free 3-day trial of XGate here.

PC Software/App Version: 4.45
Release Date: 04/21/2019
Mac Software/App Version: 4.53
Release Date: 03/13/2020

See also: XGate user manuals and quickstart guides.

Other XGate Downloads

Additional Dictionaries (Windows)

Optimizer Satellite WiFi Hotspot and Firewall

Optimizer is a satellite WiFi hotspot and firewall that protects your airtime bill and streamlines your satellite bandwidth. Learn more about Optimizer here.
See also: Optimizer user manuals and quickstart guides.

Optimizer 102 FirmwareOptimizer 112 FirmwareOptimizer 122 Firmware

Optimizer Voice

Essential for satellite broadband. Voice and data for all your devices. Powerful and easy-to-use controls with PIN codes and optional prepaid VoIP service.

Optimizer Voice Firmware

Optimizer Premier

Optimizer Premier automatically selects among available data connections like cell, WiFi, and satellite, all while providing compression and access control.

Optimizer Premier Firmware

PredictWind Offshore App

For PredictWind with XGate for Windows and Mac, download XGate with PredictWind. For the freestanding PredictWind iOS and Android apps, follow the links below. Check out the dedicated XGate info page for more information about how the XGate and PredictWind integration works.

See also: PredictWind Product Page.

Device Drivers for Satellite Phones

This is not necessary to download when using a RedPort Optimizer. This is the GMN modem/dial-up installer for Windows. This includes drivers for Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, and MSAT phones. Note: recent Windows changes have made this incompatible with Windows. If you have Windows 8, please use a RedPort Optimizer in order to put firewalling and airtime protection in place. Manual instructions can be found here.

Windows 7 Firewall Profiles

This is not necessary to download when using a RedPort Optimizer. Configures firewall to block all outbound traffic except for XGate and XWeb. To install, use Windows control panel > firewall > advanced settings > import policy. To remove, use Windows control panel > firewall > advanced settings > restore default policy to remove

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