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Streaming Movies at the Marina

Streaming Movies at the Marina

Tired of not being able to stream your favorite tv show or movie at the marina? WiFi strength and connectivity at marinas can vary and causes frustration for many cruisers. Frequently, WiFi routers are located in the marina office which tends to limit the range of coverage. Unless you are lucky enough to be docked close to the main office, you will most likely experience a poor connection.

Having a poor WiFi connection will make it extremely difficult to stream your favorite tv show and movies from the comfort of your own boat. Luckily for you, we developed a solution to fix all of this.

The Solution

As cruiser’s, we at GMN understand the frustration of poor WiFi connections at marinas. That’s why we created the Halo Long Range WiFi Extender System. We specifically addressed and tailored the Halo for boaters. The construction of the Halo is durable enough to withstand any condition, mounts in a variety of options, connect multiple devices at the same time, reduced power consumption and connects you to WiFi at long distances.

Halo Long Range WiFi Extender System

The RedPort Long Range WiFi Extender System takes a weak WiFi signal from the main access point and allows you to connect up to 7 miles away in perfect conditions. You can easily connect multiple smartphones, tablets, and laptops on your vessel at the same time. The Halo system mounts easily to your boat with a marine ready stainless steel connector. Heading offshore? You can easily connect with your supplied satellite phone.

Fellow Cruiser Review

“I’ve had the Halo installed on my boat for 3 seasons. The hardware and physical connection scheme are well thought out, easy to implement and very robust.
The SW browser interface is powerful and well designed. Firmware updates are easy to download and install. And, it just works.”

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GMN has numerous awards and certifications for technical innovation. For more information on how GMN is changing the way we connect – whether ship-to-shore or in an RV visit


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