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Our Community is the World

Our outreach program includes projects that span vast distances. We provide critical communication services to these adventurers no matter where on the earth their vision takes them. Here is a partial list of past and current explorers who we have assisted.

lisablairLisa Blair Circumnavigation Of Antarctica

GMN is a proud sponsor of Lisa Blair and her journey to circumnavigate Antarctica! Only 2 men have sailed solo, non-stop and unassisted around Antarctica. Lisa intends to become the first female and the fastest person to complete this circumnavigation. Visit Lisa Blair Sails The World to follow her story or donate!

GMN Sponsors Greg and Joan Conover

With over 20+ years of sailing the Atlantic with family (Husband Greg and kids),and with earlier years sailing the Puget Sound of Western Washington and Canada, Greg and Joan Conover are familiar with the needs of the cruising sailor. As  sailors, expertise includes not only sailing, but the requirements or offshore needs, joan is also the electronic/radio person on board, does the sail repairs with her trusty Sailrite machine, and performs the onboard weather analysis (she does not call herself a ‘router’ or meterologist) using Marine Weather Center(Chris Parker), GMNs access to PredictWind weather services and email using XGate from both SSB HF and via GMNs Iridium Glow/Aurora. Greg does all the engine/genset maint,sailsets(with crew) and boat maint with the help of son Joshua—and its the guys who are on deck offshore, joan is cockpit bound for safety.

GMN Sponsors S/V Brick House

GMN proudly sponsors Patrick and Rebecca Childress aboard S/V Brick House as they cruise the world. As they circumnavigate the world, all email services will be handled using XGate Satellite Data Services. For weather, GMN provided PredictWind: Marine Weather and Wind Software. We are also privileged to showcase our RedPort Halo Long Range WiFi Extender System for long range coastal WiFi use. Visit Where is Brick House? to follow their story!

Beyond the CircleNew Satellite Phone Technology and Arctic Rowers

GMN is proud to sponsor Matt McFayden and Cam Webb as they row 2,000 miles through the Northwest Passage. As they make their way through ice flows, around glaciers, and past some of the most pristine vistas on the planet, their satellite communications will be powered by XGate. We’re especially proud to showcase our brand new satellite phone terminal, the RedPort Aurora. See pictures and the new Aurora Iridium Marine Satellite Terminal in action and learn more about VoIP, WiFi, Data and more here. Visit Beyond The Circle to follow the story.

Sailors Using XGateGMN Sponsors The Brays As They Travel the Northwest Passage in Their Junk-Rigged Yacht

Once the ice melts, Chris Bray and his wife Jess will set off on their 29-foot wooden sailboat ‘Teleport’ ready to continue their adventuring through the Northwest Passage. They just wrapped up a 3 year saga of completely rebuilding the yacht, and then over 2 northern summers, becoming the first people ever to sail a junk-rigged yacht through the Northwest Passage over the top of Canada through the arctic. GMN is proud to provide all email services with XGate. Visit YachtTeleport to follow the story.

Velux using XGateVelux 5 Oceans – The ultimate solo challenge

We are just in the middle of the first Leg of the VELUX 5 Oceans race. Attached is a picture of our boat (photo credit onEdition) at the start of the race. if Luis would like to use it on the website to show that he is supporting the boat then you/he have our permission to do that, we really appreciate the help.

Thanks for your guidance – Patianne Verburgh

Visit Velux 5 Oceans to follow the story.

Goree Challenge Using XGateGoree Challenge III – Never Give Up

Victor Mooney of Queens, New York will row 16 hours a day for however long it takes to take him from Cape Verde to the Big Apple, all in the name of raising awareness for HIV/AIDS. Lots of videos and current location map on the website.

Visit Goree Challenge III to follow the story.

Kayak Using Satellite EmailGMN Sponsors: One Woman. One Ocean. One Dream

This December, Katie Spotz will embarking on the adventure of a lifetime — a solo row across the Atlantic Ocean! After 2,500 miles and 70-100 days at sea, she will become the youngest person ever to row an ocean solo and the first American to row from Africa to South America. Her goal is to raise enough funds to provide 1,000 people access to safe drinking water. Visit Row For Water to follow the story.

Research Vessel Satellite EmailGMN Sponsors Lars Boehme and the SAVEX Research Team

The SAVEX Research Team project grew from the desire for better understanding the oceanography of the Southern Ocean and to improved our knowledge of the behaviour and habits of Southern Elephant Seals. Specially developed instruments are deployed on southern elephant seals and in the process of this study, elephant seals have begun to teach us more than we might have anticipated. In studying the journeys of these natural explorers of the Antarctic, we have recorded information about more than habits, depths, and distances. We have also expanded our understanding of the connection between the ocean, global climate dynamics, and the influence of human activities. Visit SAVEX website to follow the story.

Mobile Rural Hospital Using Satellite EmailGMN Provides Satellite Communication for Howard Hospital in Zimbabwe

Howard Hospital keeps its doors open solely due to the support of well wishers around the globe. Communications are critical to accomplish this. Reliable electronic mail and telephone is essential to liaise with our supporters in North America and Europe, who in response to the crisis in Zimbabwe have sent containers of medicines, surgical supplies and food to our institution. Howard Hospital had had no conventional telephone service since the middle of 2008 when the rains knocked the poles down. Iridium and Global Marine Networks saved the day and the year! We are delighted with our partnership. Visit Howard Hospital article to learn more.

Catamaran Satellite EmailGMN Sponsors Satellite eMail, Tracking, Weather, and Support for PLASTIKI

In Summer 2009, David de Rothschild and a crew of experts, scientists and creatives will sail 12,000 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Sydney in a boat made out of plastic bottles and recycled waste products. This epic voyage is named The Plastiki taking inspiration from Thor Heyerdal’s 1947 expedition The Kontiki.

Through this audacious and bold adventure The Plastiki aims to draw attention to the rethinking of our everyday human fingerprints on the natural world and in turn capturing the world’s imagination by telling a story; that of the pioneering and sustainable design process that created and built The Plastiki, to the oceans and the many challenges it and its inhabitants face. One person’s waste could be another person’s treasure. Visit to follow the story.

OceansWatch Satellite Phone CommunicationGMN Sponsors Satellite eMail, Tracking, Weather, and Support for OCEANSWATCH

OceansWatch North America (OWNA) uses sailboats to deliver marine conservation and humanitarian aid to islands and coastal communities in developing countries.
Visit Oceanwatch North America for more information.

Radio and Satellite EmailGMN Sponsors Radio-eMail Connections Unlimited (REMCU) ~ Complete Systems for Email via Radio Waves

REMCU (Radio-E-Mail Connections Unlimited Communications Development Society) Principals are: Nzolantima Swasisa, Robert Porter. & Trever Blair. Our vision is “To Connect the Unconnected” …by providing communities that have no access to telephone with appropriate cost effective communications tools to accelerate: the improvement of healthcare, the eradication of poverty & illiteracy, and the empowerment of ordinary people. E-mail For Humanity. Visit for photos and the story.

Environmentalist Satellite Phone EmailGMN Sponsors Hayley Shephard Kayaking to Save the Albatross

Hayley Shephard will attempt to solo sea kayak around South Georgia in the aid of helping to ‘Save the Albatross’ – February, 2009.
“South Georgia – an exceptionally isolated, storm torn island, stands ultimately alone in the middle of the Southern Ocean, its nearest neighbor 1400km away. Treacherous seas constantly batter the coastal rocks and ridges, and fearless animals generously congregate on the few accessible beaches, taking shelter from the savage winds. As hostile, as dangerous, and as foreboding as it feels, South Georgia’s charm, it’s dramatic and ruggedly stunning beauty, has a power that I will be forever drawn to. And I shall not rest until I have seen the intimacy of it all.” (Hayley Shephard). Visit for photos and the story.

Expedition Satellite EmailGMN Sponsors BountyBoat ~ 2009 EXPEDITION ~ 4,000 nm in an open boat

April 28, 2009 Mark’s the 220th anniversary of the Mutiny on the Bounty, when Fletcher Christian cast William Bligh and 18 of his men adrift in a 23ft open boat, which marked the beginning of one of the greaest open boat voyages in Maritime History. During the following seven weeks, Bligh and his men sailed over 3,700 nautical miles, in an overloaded boat, with little food or water and no charts, from Tonga to Kupang in Timor. Visit for photos and the story.

Victoria Island SatelliteGMN Sponsors Chris Bray’s Crossing of Victoria Island

Chris Bray, 25, lives in Sydney, Australia, and is forging an exciting career combining his passion for photography, film making and applying his engineering degree to developing innovative approaches to adventuring. He just completed a crossing of Victoria Island in the Canadian Arctic! What an epic adventure that turned out to be! Add the 2008 70 days to the 58 days he was out there in 2005, and you get 128 days to cross the 1000km wide island. Snow, ice, polear bears, wolves, mud, rapids, tundra… he got it all. Visit for photos and the story.

Rowing Satellite ServicesGMN Sponsors the OAR Northwest Team Who Enter the Guinness Book of World Records

GMN is proud to sponsor four Seattle rowers as the first team to ever row unassisted across the Atlantic from mainland US to the mainland of UK. The OAR NW Team (, Jordan Hanssen, Dylan Le Valley, Greg Spooner and Brad Vickers, rowed from New York Harbor to Falmouth Harbor and in the meantime won first place in the inaugural Transatlantic Rowing Race. in fact, they could actually claim a more encompassing rowing record as the first vessel in recorded history to ever row across the Atlantic and end up precisely where they said they were going. GMN has been proud to provide the rowers with GMN’S XGate e-mail and Vessel Tracking. Visit for photos and the story.

GMN Sponsors Donna Lange on Her Solo Circumnavigation

GMN is proud to support Donna’s monumental solo circumnavigation providing her with communication services including vessel tracking, XGate E-Mail, Blog, Web Hosting, and Weather. Donna depends on GMN’s XGate software with her Iridium phone to stay in touch with a large number of fans following her progress. You can see Donna’s progress and read her daily log on her website at Go Donna Go!

GMN Sponsors Lars Boehme and the SAVEX Research Team

While research continues at the Sea Mammal Research Unit in St. Andrews, Scotland, GMN is proud to provide XGate E-Mail communication to Lars Boehme. He works in Husvik on the remote island in South Georgia, studying Southern Elephant Seals’ interaction with their physical environment, global changes, and the influence of human activities. For more in information on the work of this crew please visit the SAVEX website. GMN wishes you the best of luck as you continue your research endeavors on one of the earth’s great mammals.

Kayak Satellite ServiceGMN Sponsors the John Rymill Memorial Antarctic Kayak Expedition

GMN is proud to be a sponsor of the John Rymill Memoria kayaking expedition to the Antarctic peninsula. Andrew and his team will attempt to kayak the entire length of the peninsula in 40 days. Details of this expedition can be viewed at GMN’s newly released vessel tracking solution will be used to track the teams progress up the peninsula. Andrew will be using GMN’s XGate e-mail software in conjunction with his Iridium 9505 to keep in touch with his support team and to upload text reports and photos to his website. GMN’s wireless webhosting was used to do the website updates. Visit for photos and the story.

GMN Sponsors Sir Francis Chichester’s Gipsy Moth IV 40th anniversary circumnavigation

GMN is a proud sponsor of the Gipsy Moth IV expedition across the globe. Gipsy Moth goes on its voyage equipped with XGate, XWeb, WeatherNet, and GRIB Explorer. We wish the expedition the best of luck. To find out more about this expedition visit their website at

GMN Sponsors Bruce Schwab in the Vendee Globe

Go Bruce Go! Bruce Schwab, sailing his open 60 Ocean Planet, is the only American entry in the Vendee Globe single handed unaided around the world race. Bruce uses XGate to download weather, e-mail updates to his website, and stay in touch with his shore side crew and fans. Read more about Bruce Schwab’s progress here. OCENS.Mail is Approved by Globalstar.

GMN Sponsors S/V Northanger’s expedition to Antarctica

Global Marine Networks is a proud sponsor of the Northanger 2003 expedition to Antarctica providing weather, web hosting, and e-mail services. GMN GRIB weather files are used daily by the expedition as a planning tool. Check out the Northanger web page hosted at GMN for spectacular pictures and daily logs of the voyage.

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