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Release Note: XGate 4.45 for Mac and Windows

Release Note: XGate 4.45 for Mac and Windows

App: XGate
Software/App Version: 4.45
Release Date: 04/21/2019

About the App
XGate is a suite of email, weather and social media services for satellite phone users. XGate is simply the fastest, easiest and most reliable satellite phone email available, saving you time, money and frustration when using your satellite phone.

This update contains functionality and performance improvements for XGate users on Mac and Windows devices.

What’s New
• Release of PredictWind 4.0.5 with support for the Windstream interface.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed: some XGate users on Mac devices only experienced issues opening Firefox while utilizing XWeb.

Contact Information
Should you have any questions or concerns about the recent update for XGate please contact Global Marine Networks Customer Care at:

Phone: +1-865-379-8723

Thank you for your continued support.

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