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RedPort Halo Setup: Part II (Connecting to WiFi and Settings)

RedPort Halo Setup: Part II (Connecting to WiFi and Settings)

The RedPort Halo system is a long range WiFi extender system that allows you to connect to distant WiFi hotspots from up to 7 miles away.

Perfect for users on boats, in RVs, in campers or trucks, the RedPort Halo system is easy to install and start using immediately.

This video walks you through the how to use the Halo interface by connecting through a web-browser. By accessing the web interface, you can quickly connect to a long-distance WiFi hotspot, assess the signal strength of your connection, set up a firewall, and turn the connection on and off.

Don’t forget to check out Part I of the RedPort Halo Setup to learn how to physically assemble the WiFi Extender system, mount the antenna, power the unit, and make sure that all the hardware is up and running.

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