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XWeb Satellite Phone
Internet Access
and Web Browsing

With XWeb you will browse the Internet up to 10x faster over satellite phones. On average XWeb compresses pages by a factor of 3-5x which gives a much improved speed advantage. GMN is able to reduce the time it takes to download typical web images by a factor of up to 10x.

The fast web compression technology reduces typical pictures down to 5% of their original size, dramatically reducing download times. In addition to compressing all the images, XWeb also compresses all text streams, removes obnoxious pop-ads, and removes all backgrounds and animations. Faster download times mean greater savings for you.

It is easy to add XWeb to your XGate Satellite Email service.

NEW! Use XWeb over Optimizer with your Iridium 9555 or Extreme – no USB drivers, WiFi hotspot option and Firewall protection too!

“Once I started using XWeb I use it everywhere. I find it especially useful while on a slow 3G connection on my phone. Web pages load very quickly and I don’t have to worry about running up a big bill.”
— Sebastien, XWeb user in France

Powerful Satellite Web Browsing Benefits with XWeb

Web Content Compression

Without the need for any additional programs to install. Uses Windows internal compression option. Better than 10 times improvement in speed when rendering mostly text based web pages.


Removal of Graphic’s Backgrounds

Background images are stripped since they do not provide content and take time to download.


Pop-up Advertising Stripped

Pop up ads are removed aiding in the fast delivery of real content to your web browser.


Images are Re-sampled

GIF and JPEG’s De-Rez’ed on-the-fly during download resulting in much smaller pages, GMN can reduce the resolution of pictures significantly in order to reduce download times by 90%.


Ads Removed from Web content

Images containing advertising are stripped from the HTML pages as they download to the web browser again saving bandwidth.


Viewing of Unmodified Pages

In all instances the user can click on the “View unfiltered page” link at the top of every web page to view the original uncompressed image.

How XWeb Satellite Phone Web Browsing Saves Airtime Dollars


Who Uses XWeb?

XWeb is perfect for anyone who needs compression web-browsing over satellite or slow cellular networks. It works on any system, and lets you get more done in less time, all while saving airtime costs.


Recreational Cruisers Use XGate

Recreational Cruisers

Recreational cruisers use XWeb in a variety of different ways: over satellite broadband units like Iridium Pilot and FleetBroadband, when connected to slow marina WiFi, and when using foreign 3G cellular networks. Because XWeb works on a flexible subscription basis, it’s perfect for short-term activities like offshore racing and seasonal cruising, coastal cruising and regattas, to more long-term activities like liveaboard cruisers and sailing.

Commercial Fishermen Using XGate

Commercial Maritime

From commercial fishing and maritime transport, to cruise ship internet cafes, XWeb serves all levels of commercial maritime activity. Passengers use XWeb while on arctic cruises, fishermen use XWeb during the fishing season to check fishing grounds and weather information, and large oil platforms deploy XWeb to their workers for crew welfare purposes.

Hikers Using XGate

Hikers and Expeditions

XWeb is perfect for those traveling in remote locations with satellite broadband units like BGAN. XWeb can be used with units like Iridium GO! and Globalstar satellite devices, but only small, textual-based web-pages should be loaded. Users in RV parks, camp grounds, and hunting lodges use XWeb to speed up slow WiFi and cell connections.

General Aviation Using XGate

General Aviation

Want to be connected in the sky? Using XWeb in tandem with onboard WiFi Internet speeds up your connection and makes the most out of your MB allotment. If using a satellite broadband terminal on the airplane, XWeb increasings your speed and airtime savings by 3 to 5 times.

Offshore Oil XGate Satellite Email

Remote Workers

Remote workers like offshore oil rigs and exploration expeditions use XWeb to speed up slow Internet connections and improve crew and worker welfare. Hospitals, ambulance groups, insurance adjusters and others in the first responder industry find XWeb to be unparalleled for keeping in contact during crises. We provide service to many levels of government, including the Coast Guard, Police, and research divisions.

Optimizer Satellite WiFi Hotspot

Get the most out of XWeb by using it in tandem with RedPort Optimizer. Optimizer’s powerful firewall blocks all traffic but XGate or XWeb, making the most out of your Internet connection, whether satellite, land-Internet, or 3G cellular.

Compatible With:




XWeb works excellently with the RedPort Halo system. The Halo system captures long range WiFI signals and boosts them back to you – say, on your boat.

Because the WiFi at marinas and other public hotspots can be very slow, XWeb can accelerate your speeds so that you’re getting optimal performance, even on slow local WiFi networks.

Learn more about the RedPort Halo system.

Halo Long Range WiFi Diagram

XWeb Pricing

Most users use XWeb bundled with XGate. You can purchased both together on the XGate page.

Subscription Length


7 Days


Select Subscription

14 Days


Select Subscription

30 Days


Select Subscription

3 Months


Select Subscription

6 Months


Select Subscription

12 Months


Select Subscription

24 Months


Select Subscription

New Account Activation Fee

For subscriptions 3 months and up



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