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XTracker BR Tracking Unit


Standalone GPS vessel tracker to be used in conjunction with a satellite broadband terminal.

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XTracker BR: Satellite Broadband GPS Vessel Tracking

XTracker BRXTracker BR (Broadband) is a robust, dependable and extremely compact tracking device that sends out GPS position reports at pre-programmed intervals.

Position reports contain date, time, latitude, longitude, and average course and speed over the ground. GPS position reports are recorded, transmitted, and posted on the web in 20 seconds, on average. XTracker’s modest power requirements make it ideal for remote locations where solar panels or batteries are the only source of electricity.

Unlimited Tracking

Because the XTracker BR routes the position reports through your satellite broadband device, the frequency of the position reports can be whatever you want. Hourly? Sure. Every 10 minutes? No problem. Every 30 seconds? Done.

There is no additional charge for XTracker services for increased frequency, although you may incur additional charges on  your satellite airtime bill for the airtime required to send the GPS pings.

Easy Installation for Secure Vessel GPS Position Tracking

The XTracker BR is installed quickly and easily on a standard 1″ threaded antenna mount. The XTracker BR does not come with an antenna mount. There are many types of antenna mounts available from your local marine supply store, including pole-mounts, rail-mounts, mast-mounts, pipe-mounts, etc.

Up to 10 Year Battery Life

The XTracker BR can be powered in one of two ways: either by connecting the unit directly to a powering bank on board, or by wiring the unit to a standalone long-life battery (purchased separately).

Note: we do not sell batteries for this unit. We can recommend excellent batteries and tell you their life-expectancy, but you will need to purchase the battery separately from the equipment, as we do not sell or ship batteries for this unit.

Real-Time Position Reporting

Tracking for the XTracker BR is provided through RedPort Tracking and consists of a detailed, robust online tracking interface that provides:

  • Real-time Position and Tracking
  • Longitude and latitude info
  • Emergency alarm/ SOS/Movement alarm/ Overspeed alarm/ Border crossing alert.
  • Geo-fence alarm
  • Course and Speed (on web-based tracking site)
  • Web-based tracking or mobile-phone-based tracking
  • Central Monitoring system (web-base)
  • History of tracking movements
  • Ability to track hundreds of vessels or assets on one web-based monitoring system

RedPort Tracking Screenshots

Vessel Tracking Service

Vessel tracking is a monthly charge that encompasses upkeep of the dedicated web-portal and continuous relay of the position reporting technology.

You can see the options for XTracker BR Vessel Tracking Service here.

Compatible Equipment and Coverage Area

The XTracker BR works with any broadband satellite terminal or device including:

Inmarsat FleetBroadband
Inmarsat Fleet One
Mobile BGAN
Iridium Pilot
Thuraya IP

Coverage area for the XTracker BR depends on the coverage map for the satellite broadband equipment you are using it with.

Other Vessel Tracking Options

We offer two other vessel tracking units:

XTracker IR
This XTracker is for standalone tracking anywhere on the planet. Using the Iridium network means that you can send position reports even in the North Pole. Learn more here.

XTracker GS
This XTracker is for more regional tracking and offers tracking up to every 2.5 minutes. Learn more here.



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XTracker BR Vessel Tracking Service

Vessel tracking for the XTracker BR is a monthly charge that encompasses the dedicated web-portal and continuing tracking services.

Position reports for the XTracker BR are set directly through the broadband unit connected to the XTracker. The XTracker can be programmed through a web-interface to determine tracking frequency. Because position reports are run through a satellite broadband unit, unlimited position reports are possible.

You can see the options for XTracker BR Vessel Tracking Service here.

XTracker BR Brochure (Data Sheet)

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