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XGate Social Media


Learn about social media features in XGate satellite data service including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Update Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter via Satellite Phone with XGate

XGate Social MediaKeep your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter friends and associates updated via satellite phone when you use XGate satellite phone data service and your computer. XGate has helped people stay in touch via satellite phone email for almost 10 years. Now, users can update all of theirs social media contacts via satellite phone using XGate, too.

Simply select Facebook from within XGate, enter your status update (up to 160 characters), and press go. You can even publish photos to show people exactly what you’re seeing. XGate will compress and send your message, sharing your experiences easily and seamlessly.

In addition to Facebook, XGate users can also update LinkedIn and Twitter.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter via XGate Advantages

First, satellite phone users are by definition people who are in remote places, or in emergency situations where they are most likely to want to let everyone know their status – whether it’s sharing their adventure, letting others know their status in an emergency, or keeping work groups up to speed on happenings in the field or on the water. Facebook is a great way to update many people with the push of a single button.

XGate Compression Satellite Data ServiceSecondly, most people post to Facebook from the Facebook page, which is too large for handheld satellite phones to conveniently update. XGate for Facebook simply posts to Facebook by converting your message into an email format that Facebook will accept and post.

Also, you can even upload photos to the service. XGate will resize them, compress them, and post them at a size that works over handheld satellite phone data feeds. The user-adjustable default size is 300 pixels wide, and sample pictures looked great and were reduced to a manageable 7kb.

Additionally Twitter is a great way to update many people with the push of a single button. Even though Twitter began as and SMS service, and has worked with Iridium and Thuraya, many users report tweeting via satellite phone SMS to be finnicky. XGate for Twitter makes it easy to post to Twitter.

Finally LinkedIn is a great way to update many people with the push of a single button. XGate for LinkedIn makes it easy to share LinkedIn updates via satellite phone.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter via Satellite Phone OS Compatibility

XGate Social Media services are compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux versions today; XGate iOS App compatibility anticipated by October 2012.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter via Satellite Phone Compatibility

XGate works with any IP-based data service, including the following USB-based satellite phones:

Compatible Serial or Ethernet-based phones and terminals, including:

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