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RedPort Email: Satellite Email Sub Accounts


RedPort Email provides subaccounts for multi-user environments using a satellite phone or terminal.

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Satellite Sub Accounts with RedPort Email

XGate Crew Accounts“Crew email increases crew morale and helps retain qualified crew, improves communication between key equipment experts and ships’ crew, enables ship to shore communication for key operational experience and allows crew to stay in touch with family and friends and to attend to personal matters. This keeps ships running and earning money for the owners.” –Satellite Communications Roundtable, Maritime Reporter and Engineering News, Feb. 2011.

How RedPort Email Sub Accounts Work

Crew email accounts give crew members controlled access to email from the vessel or remote location, following all the filtering rules set for their primary account. This controlled access gives companies:

  • Intra-vessel crew communications, with full email capabilities amongst captain and crew without using any satellite bandwidth.
  • Controlled Crew Morale email, keeping crew happy at very minimal satellite data usage expenditure.
  • Access is limited to the location of the primary account – for example, onboard a vessel.

Crew email sub accounts are managed in full by the vessel operator. The vessel’s communication officer can create, modify, and delete crew email sub accounts at will. Crew email sub accounts can be created at any time for any duration. Usage is tracked for each crew email sub account allowing officers to bill users for email usage.

Purchasing Crew Email

In order to use sub accounts, at least one primary email account is needed. After that, each sub accounted created costs $8 per month, in addition to the cost of the primary account. Sub accounts are routed through the primary account, and their address reflects this.

For example, a ship’s main account might be Each sub account routing through that primary email address would be as follows: For example:


Using RedPort Email

RedPort Optimizer VoiceThere are two different ways to use RedPort Email. You can either set up an apache server on a local Windows machine to run the email server, or you can purchase one of the following RedPort routers, all of which have the email server embedded directly within the router itself:

Optimizer Voice
wXa-300 Series
wXa-500 Series

RedPort Email Works with These Providers, or Any IP-Based Connection

  • Iridium
  • Inmarsat
  • Globalstar
  • Thuraya
  • MSAT
  • VSAT


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