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StarPilot Savings Bundle: Celestial Navigation Ultimate Package



The StarPilot Savings Bundle is the ultimate package for celestial navigation.

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StarPilot Savings Bundle: Celestial Navigation Ultimate Package

StarPilot Savings BundleThe world’s leading celestial navigation software now bundled with everything you could need for doing celestial navigation anywhere on the globe:

  • Handy, portable Ti-89 calculator with extremely long battery life and StarPilot celestial navigation software already pre-loaded.
  • Astra IIIB Marine Sextant with Whole Mirrors: the best, most affordable, and widely-used sextant in the world.
  • Celestial Navigation in the GPS Age by John Karl: the indispensable book on celestial navigation, with a special section dedicated specifically to celestial calculators.
  • $113 in savings!

The “Everything You Need” Package for Celestial Navigation

The StarPilot Savings Bundle has everything you need to get off and running with celestial navigation. Whether you plan on learning celestial navigation for fun, or want a realiable (and time-tested!) backup plan for navigating on the open-water in case of an emergency GPS failure, the StarPilot Savings Bundle has you covered with everything you need.

StarPilot: State of the Art Celestial Navigation Software

StarPilot is a self-contained, easy-to-use, celestial navigation and piloting computer program. StarPilot is simply the most convenient way to transform sextant readings into reliable and accurate celestial navigation running fixes. StarPilot does all the computations that might arise in routine or even special-case celestial navigation and piloting quickly, accurately, and easily. StarPilot programming is fully self-contained, requiring no external references or the internet. The StarPilot, a sextant, and a watch is all that is required to determine your position anywhere on the planet.

The Astra IIIB Marine Sextant

Astra IIIB Marine SextantThe Astra IIIB has somewhat revolutionized celestial navigation. Never before has such a high quality, accurate metal sextant been available at such a low price. Over 24,000 sextants of this model have been sold in the US alone in the past 27 years; far more than any other serious sextant. Its popularity has spread throughout the rest of the world as well, making it the the most recognized (and supported) sextant worldwide.

Its low price, excellent optics, and choice of horizon mirrors and other accessories makes it the perfect selection for beginners. Yet, we know several professional navigators who prefer the ASTRA IIIB merely because they can leave their expensive models at home without sacrificing noticeable accuracy.

Celestial Navigation in the GPS Age by John Karl

Celestial Navigation In The GPS AgeIt’s been a long time since we’ve seen a completely new and different book on celestial navigation. And this book is just that. For the first time we see a clear and accurate explanation of CN mysteries, such as the role of the “assumed position” in the intercept method, how celestial LOPs can be plotted with no assumptions, how to use hand calculators, computers, H.O. 229, and H.O. 249, including the pros and cons of each method. It explains eight special sights, such as Polaris sights, meridian sights, and finding latitude without meridian observations or time. Lunar distance sights are explained from the ground up, using only basic concepts, with no special formulas, or tables.

The revised and expanded book has a unique chapter on sextants and their properties, explaining the workings and effects of different horizon mirrors and telescopes, and their associated advantages and disadvantages. Various operations at sea are discussed: integrating CN with GPS for improving navigation skill, redundancy, and safety; a superior method of advancing LOPs; and how to make better landfalls with special LOP orientations.

Beginners will like the clear and authoritative explanations, arriving at a complete sight reduction in just 40 pages, accompanied by 72 exercises for plenty of practice and confidence building. Experienced navigators will appreciate the comprehensive fresh treatment of all topics, many never seen elsewhere. This might not be the only book you read on celestial navigation, but it certainly should be one of them. SC, 2009, 328 pages. SW 1.6 lbs.

StarPilot Savings Bundle Features and Specs

The StarPilot Savings Bundle comes standard with:

  • StarPilot Celestial Navigation Software on Ti-89 Titanium Calculator
  • Astra IIIB Marine Sextant with Whole Mirrors (note, you can select half-mirrors in the available options below)
  • Celestial Navigation in the GPS Age by John Karl

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