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StarPilot PC


StarPilot celestial navigation software for PC. Download only. CD available by request.

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Celestial Navigation and Piloting Software: StarPilot PC

StarPilot PC Celestial Navigation SoftwareStarPilot is a self-contained, easy-to-use, celestial navigation and piloting computer program available on a number of different platforms. StarPilot is simply the most convenient way to transform sextant readings into reliable and accurate celestial navigation running fixes.

StarPilot does all the computations that might arise in routine or even special-case celestial navigation and piloting quickly, accurately, and easily. StarPilot programming is fully self-contained, requiring no external references or the internet. The StarPilot, a sextant, and a watch is all that is required to determine your position anywhere on the planet.

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The PC version of the State of the Art Celestial Navigation software

StarPilot PC runs on any PC with Windows NT, Windows-95 or newer including Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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