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RedPort Tracking

Vessel Tracking via GPS and RedPort Optimizer

Optimizer Satellite WiFi HotspotTracking your position almost anywhere on the planet is as easy as plugging Optimizer into your compatible satellite phone or terminal and letting your travels take you where they will.

When used with a satellite phone or terminal that has an embedded GPS, Optimizer will relay a vessel’s position report to RedPort Tracking where you can see a history of its locations, set alerts, and embed an individual map on a webpage of your choosing.

Airtime Usage

The cost of RedPort Tracking with an Optimizer does not include any airtime that may be required to send the GPS pings. Depending on your equipment, that airtime could be negligible or could be high. Check with us if you have questions about how much airtime would be consumed to send out GPS pings on your specific plan.

RedPort Tracking Compatible Equipment

In addition to Optimizer, you will need a GPS-enabled satellite phone or terminal in order to transmit your position to the RedPort Tracking server. If you don’t have one of the following satellite phones or terminals, you can use a standalone GPS-tracker like the XTracker IR or XTracker GS to transmit position reports for you.

Special Case Exceptions

If you have a RedPort Aurora, you might want to consider a special Iridium-based tracking subscription in order to use tracking on that device. Depending on how many position reports you plan on sending, it could be less expensive to use the Aurora-specific tracking service than by using SMS. Learn more here.

Iridium GO! Tracking

Iridium GO! can be used with RedPort Tracking if you have SMS tracking enabled on the GO!. You do not need an Optimizer to use RedPort Tracking with the Iridium GO!.

The RedPort Tracking Web-Portal

The web-portal consists of a detailed, robust online tracking interface that provides:

  • Real-time Position and Tracking
  • Longitude and latitude info
  • Emergency alarm/ SOS/Movement alarm/ Overspeed alarm/ Border crossing alert.
  • Geo-fence alarm
  • Course and Speed (on web-based tracking site)
  • Web-based tracking or mobile-phone-based tracking
  • Central Monitoring system (web-base)
  • History of tracking movements
  • Ability to track hundreds of vessels or assets on one web-based monitoring system

RedPort Tracking Screenshots

Embedding Your Unique Tracking Map on Your Site

With RedPort Tracking, you can choose to embed your unique tracking map (or that of your vessels) on a site of your choosing. For individuals, this means that friends and family back home can immediately see where you are located in the world and follow along on your journey.

For those needing commercial vessel tracking, this means that you can view all of your assets at once on one single map, set zone alarms and alerts, and see vessel history in one flexible interface.

In Conclusion: Here’s What You Need

Here is a final recap of what you need to get satellite GPS tracking up for your vessel’s location:

A GPS-enabled satellite phone or terminal
RedPort Optimizer
A subscription to RedPort Tracking



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