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RedPort Halo Long Range WiFi Extender System

RedPort Halo Long Range WiFi Extender


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  • Quickly and easily get marina or RV WiFi service at long distances from public wifi sources. 
  • Wi-Fi connect multiple cell phones, tablets or computers on your boat or RV at the same time.
  • Mounts easily with marine-ready stainless steel connector (14 TPI 1″ wide); included 10M cable.
  • Stay connected anywhere – works with satellite phones (not included).
  • Durable marine grade materials withstand harsh conditions at sea or extended outdoor RV use.
  • Includes Optimizer WiFi Hotspot.
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    Here is the winner. It was easy to install and works like a charm, has plenty of power, pulls in a weak signal, covers a range up to 7 miles, works wonderful on Skype and gives us freedom to work simultaneously on multiple devices like a laptop and iPad and was not breaking the bank…I liked what I saw, this unit was the top of the bunch for Marine and RV application, weatherproofed with o-rings and silicon rubber seal, carrying tube machined out of stainless steel with incorporated 1”-14 thread to accept the Standard Marine Antenna Mount, included was a neat “Optimizer” router which could handle Cell Networks, Satellite Phone for Satellite Internet beside the “Red Port Halo WiFi Extender”. Included too was a 32 ft coiled up Antenna/Power Cable, a bag with assorted Hardware and an easy to follow Quickstart Guide and Setup Manual.

    A truly professionally, nicely put together package by someone, who must have done a lot of research.

    View full review here.

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RedPort Halo Wi-Fi Extender for Boats and RVs

Halo Long Range WiFi Extender System

The Halo long-range WiFi extender system takes a weak WiFi signal – at a marina, for example, or truck stop, basecamp, etc – and powerfully boosts it, repeating it back to you up to 7 miles away in perfect conditions.

The Halo system then takes the boosted WiFi signal and routes it through the RedPort Optimizer WiFi hotspot. With the RedPort Optimizer you can share your WiFi connection with all the WiFi-capable devices near you – on your boat, truck, or building. Multiple users can connect to the Optimizer and share your long-range WiFi Internet connection seamlessly and fast.

Halo Long Range WiFi Diagram

RedPort Halo Long Range WiFi Extender Technical Specs

  • Range: Up to 7 mile range in perfect conditions
  • Power: 12V
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz 9 dbi Outdoor Antenna
  • Antenna Length: 28 inches not including user-supplied 1″ standard antenna mount
  • Cable: Ethernet cable for inexpensive, long runs
  • WiFi: Supports 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)

What’s In The Box?

The RedPort Halo system includes everything you need to set up a long-range outdoor WiFi booster:

  • Long Range WiFi Extender with Antenna
  • RedPort Optimizer WiFi Hotspot
  • 10m Ethernet Cable
  • Stainless Steel mount for Extender

With the RedPort Halo long-range WiFi extension system, you can get WiFi from farther away, accelerate your connection by a factor of 3 to 5 times, and then share that WiFi connection throughout your boat, truck, camp, etc.

Long Range WiFi Extender Features

Long Range WiFi Features

Long Range WiFi Extender

It’s a common problem: you’re at a marina, truckstop, or camp and while there is free (or cheap) WiFi available, it doesn’t extend past the front door of the office. Setting up the RedPort Long Range WiFi Extender on your boat (or truck, RV, etc) means that you can capture that same WiFi signal – even up to miles away.

Long Range WiFi Features

Optimizer Local Hub

Once you’ve captured that long range WiFi, what do you do with it? Optimizer takes that WiFi internet connection and rebroadcasts it around your location. That means you can connect to, say, a distant Marina or RV campground WiFi from the comfort of your own boat.

Long Range WiFi Features

NMEA Compatible

For boats RedPort Optimizer works as a NMEA repeater to broadcast your NMEA data (GPS location, AIS, weather data) to your navigational software on your smartphones, tablets, or computers.


Who Uses Halo Long Range WiFi?

The RedPort Halo Long Range WiFi system is perfect for anyone needing outdoor WiFi boosters to capture long distance or highly-contended WiFi signals.

Marina Long Range WiFi

Recreational Boaters

Hallo allows cruisers and other marine WiFi users to connect to marina WiFi in ports and harbors where free or inexpensive WiFi is available. The Halo system will allow you to connect to the main marina accesspoint even if you are in a distant slip or otherwise located far away from the main WiFi accesspoint.

WiFi at Port

Commercial Maritime

From commercial fishing and maritime transport, the RedPort Halo allows ships, rigs, and barges of all shapes and sizes to connect to land-based WiFi while in port or harbor.

Fishing Long Range WiFi


Whether you are a commercial fishermen or go sport fishing once a month, Halo allows you to quickly and easily connect to available land WiFi when near shore.

Long Range WiFi for Machines

M2M (Machine to Machine)

The RedPort Halo system has such a long WiFi range that it is used in remote areas where WiFi may be available at a single hotspot, but not broadcast very far. Halo can capture that signal and rebroadcast it to trucks, teams, combines, oil wells, etc.

RV Long Range WiFi


When travelling in remote areas of the world with little or no cell coverage, Halo allows you to connect to distant WiFi accesspoints at rest stops, camps, truck stops, and motels.

Truck Stop Long Range WiFi


When you spend your life on the road, you need to be able to sit back and relax in your cab with a good Internet connection. While in remote areas with no cell coverage, Halo allows you to connect to truck-stop WiFi even if you are parked far away.

Real Life Usage

A RedPort Halo WiFi Extender user sent in this screenshot while getting 80% signal strength 1/4 mile away from the WiFi hotspot – past buildings, trees, and other boats.

Real Life WiFi Extender range

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