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RedPort Aurora Savings Bundle

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RedPort Aurora
3 Months of XGate Satellite Data Service
75 Minutes of Iridium Airtime

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RedPort Aurora Iridium WiFi Satellite Terminal

RedPort Aurora Savings BundleRedPort Aurora Iridium WiFi Terminal is bundled with airtime and email. Aurora works with Iridium’s flexible satellite airtime plans and data rates and offers you easy installation and use anywhere on the planet.

Includes RedPort Aurora, 75 Minutes of Iridium airtime with 2 month validity, 3 Months of XGate (including activation fee!).

RedPort Aurora terminals provide access to reliable, affordable satellite service using the Iridium network.

You can learn more about the RedPort Aurora at the dedicated information page.

RedPort Aurora Savings Bundle Includes:

RedPort Aurora
75 Minutes of Iridium Prepaid Worldwide Airtime (2 Month Validity)
3 Months of XGate Satellite Email Service
XGate New Account Activation Fee (WAIVED!)

Want To Start Using Your Airtime?

We ship SIM cards unactivated for security purposes so if you would like to start using your airtime you need to request activation.

Need to activate your airtime? You can do so here:

Request Airtime Activation

Special Note on Mounting Aurora

The RedPort Aurora is intended to mount on top of a standard 1″ threaded antenna mount. Aurora does not come with an antenna mount. We don’t include an antenna mount because there are hundreds of options out there – mast mount, pole mount, spreader mount, backstay mount, rail mount, etc – and it’s best if you pick up the antenna mount that works right for your unique setup.

Standard 1″ threaded antenna mounts can be easily found at your local marine supply store.

Do I Need a WiFi Repeater?

Aurora has an excellent WiFi broadcast range, but there are some circumstances when Aurora’s WiFi may not penetrate to your location. These include:

  • If you are inside a building
  • If you are in a carbon-fiber boat
  • If you are in a steel boat
  • If you are in an aluminum boat

In these cases, you’ll probably want a WiFi repeater to re-broadcast Aurora’s WiFi signal to your location. This little WiFi repeater costs $99 and can be added to your order in the drop-down options.


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