Transform traditional ocean weather products (satellite images, weather maps and ocean charts) into animated images.

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OCENS MetMapper

MetMapperOCENS MetMapper transforms weather maps, satellite images, and ocean charts into dynamic components of your at-sea decision-making tool box.

OCENS MetMapper brings new life to traditional weather products (i.e. satellite images and weather maps and ocean charts) in a way you thought possible only with GRIB weather data. MetMapper also integrates seamlessly with our WeatherNet download service and makes a great add-on for anyone in wishing to get more from the weather products they download.

Weather maps, ocean charts and satellite images represent a unique integration of computer intelligence and human experience. Thanks in large part to OCENS WeatherNet and GRIB Explorer the popularity of Gridded Binary (i.e. GRIB) products has grown in recent years. As this has happened, the special insights offered by classical weather and ocean charts and the better than birds-eye view of weather events afforded by near-real time satellite images have been neglected. By unlocking the multiple layers of information contained in these unique products, OCENS MetMapper positions them in their rightful place as fundamental components of next-generation weather analysis.

Features and Benefits

  • MetMapper GRIB AnimatorDisplays and processes weather maps, ocean charts, satellite images, NEXRAD radar scans, buoy graphs and text analyses and forecasts.
  • Automatically adds an interactive map layer (i.e. geo-referencing) to a massive library of graphical weather and ocean products. OCENS’ continuous additions to this library are rapidly acquired through a convenient file transfer mechanism.
  • Sensibly auto-orients the map, chart or image to a north-up perspective.
  • Custom mapping capabilities allow you to create and save map overlays for charts of special interest to you.
  • Powerful animation routines put the weather in motion through sequences you retrieve from OCENS WeatherNet or quickly build yourself.
  • GPS integration places your boat position inside of geo-referenced maps and animations.
  • Plot vessel tracks for one or more vessels and/or fleets delivered to you by XGate vessel tracking services.
  • Selectable map background hues allow you to tailor MetMapper views to the ambient day or night lighting conditions that you encounter. Create a custom look and feel for your maps by associating geographic grids, political boundaries, coastlines, and geographic features with their own colors and spatial resolutions.

MetMapper presents a comfortable graphical user interface similar to that used in GRIB Explorer, WeatherNet and other great software products offered by Global Marine Networks. This consistency of presentation, along with the compatibility with WeatherNet, allows you to be benefiting from MetMapper within minutes of your first use. Such common ground also permits you to comfortably transition between views of weather, using MetMapper’s weather charts and satellite imagery, compared with the presentation from GRIB Explorer’s powerful rendering of GRIB weather data.

While MetMapper doesn’t require WeatherNet, they work seamlessly together, making WeatherNet an excellent choice for downloaded images to be viewed with MetMapper.


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MetMapper Quickstart Guide

MetMapper User Guide (Mac)

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