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MCG-101 Satellite Terminal & Platform


  • Iridium satellite terminal and WiFi router providing voice, text, data, tracking and more.
  • Easy machine-to-machine (M2M) integration and secure communication from remote locations to bases.
  • Versatile and configurable to specific user needs including emergency services, infrastructure and more.
  • Provides crew email, crew voice with prepaid vouchers and can be used for revenue generating crew, email and voice services.
  • Efficient tracking and monitoring of vessel activities for fleets, work boats, airplanes or vehicles.
  • Multi-user simultaneous voice, email and SMS services for crew in work groups or work camps.


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RedPort MCG-101

The MCG-101 is a flexible, Iridium-based satellite terminal and platform for voice, data, GPS tracking, machine-to-machine communications and more. The included WiFi router and Linux processor allow for an endless number of uses – from simple WiFi hotspot to powerful commercial hub for collecting and repeating sensor data.

An intelligent PBX solution provides voice connectivity for multiple users.  WiFi and associated Apps provide email and weather access. Onboard GPS can share locations over satellite, and compatible long-range WiFi antennas let MCG-101 serve as an Internet-of-Things (IoT) hub for sensing and monitoring applications. Services and features include:

  • Ethernet
  • FXS Telephone Jack
  • Android and iPhone Mobile Calling
  • WiFi
  • Firewalling
  • Power over Ethernet Support
  • GPS
  • Built-in Tracking
  • SMS
  • SBD
  • Web Based Administration.





  • Power requirements-5W or 51 BTU per hour
  • DC Input Voltage- 12V@ 3A
  • Dimensions: 2 x 8 x 8 in Weight: 4 lb

MCG-101 Features



You can connect any standard analog telephone directly to the MCG-101 and start using the Iridium network. All of your calls are digitally processed for the best quality.


Voice Capabilities

Connect any standard analog telephone or any SIP capable phone to the MCG-101 and you can start making phone
calls. Digital audio processing and ASIC echo cancellation give you the best audio quality, and with Iridium, you can
call from anywhere to anywhere in the world.


GPS Tracking

The MCG-101 contains an embedded GPS receiver for GPS tracking, with 20 channels, -159dbm sensitivity, and a 2 meter accuracy.



Connecting your computer to the Internet is as simple as plugging it in. Just connect your computer and go online, and the MCG-101 will automatically connect to the Internet for you. You can also congure the MCG-101 via the
ethernet port.



Connect via wi to enable phone calls directly from your mobile phone.



USB port for expansion to connect external peripherals.


SIM Card

The MCG-101 has an external SIM card slot which makes installing or changing the SIM card fast and simple.


Data Capabilities

– Connect to the Internet at 2.4K
– Connect to RUDICS for custom applications
– Short Burst Data for small messages
– Ethernet for automatic dialup
– Serial port for legacy modems or applications



The MCG-101 is a fully capable processing platform that can
be easily congured for custom call routing, data
applications, and special projects. The system features a full
PBX that can run an entire oce, and run custom software
as well. An SDK is available allowing you to develop your
own solutions for complex projects. By using the MCG-101
as a standard platform, the development time is shortened,
allowing you to deliver niche solutions to your customers


Customization Case Studies


The MCG-101 is a perfect solution when monitoring sensors on infrastructure. The MCG can send alarm transmissions to a central location without the use of ground infrastructure. In the event of an earthquake, a hydroelectric plant may go offline. The ability to transmit this information could be completely cut off.

The MCG-101 would continue to monitor any alarm sequences directed to the unit. The alarm messages could then send SMS messages and also print predetermined messages out of a printer to remote station end users.


For defense applications require secure transmissions, the MCG-101 integrates perfectly with M2M software and applications. The MCG-101 allows you to interface applications into the Iridium Network without having to understand, recode or re-engineer the devices.

The MCG-101 is capable of automatically detecting traffic on your local area ethernet, encoding the traffic into packets, and sends those packets over the Iridium Network. The data is then relayed to another MCG-101 at the home base for decoding without depending on terrestrial infrastructure.




In the Oil & Gas industries, well heads for natural gas have pressure sensors that can be accessed via wifi.  The heads are designed for personnel to drive by, connect to a head over wifi and collect readings from the sensors.  The problem is that there could be many well heads in a large remote area making it difficult for personnel to monitor them.

The MCG-101 can collect and store data transmitted from wifi extenders on the well head and the central aggregating location. The unit can then send generated data reports and alerts on well pressures back to a central location without the need of personal monitoring them independently. In the case of over pressure,  the MCG-101 can immediately alert the remote station that there is a problem with a specific well head.

This allows you to reduce numbers in the physical workforce, but more importantly, receive data in real time if there is a failure in infrastructure.

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