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Marine Weather Online Course


A complete home study course on Marine Weather.

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Marine Weather Online Course by Starpath School of Navigation

weather_courseA New Standard in Marine Weather Education

Marine Weather Online Home Study Course

A complete home study course on Marine Weather. Includes the Textbook Modern Marine Weather By David Burch and the ALL NEW Weather Trainer Live software program, as well as covering online course tuition.

Please note, the course software is download only.

This course covers all aspects of practical marine weather, starting from the very basics and ending with all you need to plan your voyages — or weekend outings — safely and efficiently taking into account the weather. This is intended to be a practical course that will indeed affect your decision making when planning and underway. We only cover those aspects of the “theory” that will help us with this goal.
This course uses live weather data accessed through custom Internet links to illustrate many of the topics it covers. We will also monitor a hypothetical coastal or ocean passage at the time of the course to see how the real world evolved and what decisions might be best at the time.

Online Home Study Course Includes

Printed Textbook:
Modern Marine Weather Textbook by David Burch

Resource Software:
Starpath Weather Trainer Live

Online Course:
Assignments, Lectures, Discussions, Instructor Contact, and quizzes.

This course will prepare you for certification tests offered by any sailing association in any nation. We also offer our own certification tests if you care to challenge yourself this way or to prepare for other tests.
With the electronic components, you can take the complete course with you as you travel, or use it to search the complete set of materials for specific topics. If you prefer to work on your own without computers, you have a complete syllabus with practice exercises and answers in the printed materials. If you want extra structure to your training, then take part in the online course for more discussion and individual quizzes at each lesson.

Each Starpath course includes free access to our online Resources and discussion groups. The Student Discussion Groups are similar to our Public Discussion Groups, but they are much more extensive including all classroom discussion since 2003. We have instructors in five different time zones, so if any question comes up, just post it in the Student Discussion Group for a quick answer—or search to see if someone has already asked the question for an even faster answer.


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