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IsatPhone Airtime Savings Bundle

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Save $288
1000 Units IsatPhone Prepaid Airtime (12 Month Validity)
3 Months of XGate Satellite Email Service
RedPort Optimizer Satellite WiFi Hotspot

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IsatPhone Airtime Savings Bundle: Save $200

IsatPhone Airtime Savings BundleMake sure your satellite phone has the minutes you need to keep you covered for the entire year! The IsatPhone airtime savings bundle includes 1000 units of Inmarsat IsatPhone prepaid airtime with a 12 month validity period. With the flexibility of prepaid airtime, you can use your minutes any time you need to within that 12 month period – and they roll over,  too.

Includes 1000 Minutes IsatPhone Prepaid Airtime, Optimizer, XGate Satellite Email and $200 SAVINGS!

Complete with:
IsatPhone Airtime: 1000 Units (includes one SIM card and 12 months validity period)
RedPort Optimizer Satellite WiFi Hotspot and Firewall
XGate Satellite Phone Email: 3 months service (includes activation fee)

Savings Bundle Compatible With:

IsatPhone 2
IsatPhone Pro

Want To Start Using Your Airtime?

We ship SIM cards unactivated for security purposes so if you would like to start using your airtime you need to request activation.

Need to activate your airtime? You can do so here:

Request Airtime Activation

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