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IsatHub Prepaid Airtime: 5 MB (Data Only)


5 MB
30 or 90 day validity
Per-MB Cost is Approximately $5 per MB
Data only

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Airtime Reload?

If this is an airtime reload or top-up, please provide your satellite phone number or SIM number.

World’s First IsatHub Prepaid Airtime

IsatHub Prepaid Airtime 5 MBThis prepaid combo airtime plan for your Inmarsat IsatHub device (like the Wideye iSavi) gives you a prepaid data allowance of 5 MB with a flexible validity period to suit your exact needs.

Add a RedPort Optimizer Voice to your IsatHub terminal for the ability to make affordable VoIP calls and manage your data usage.

IsatHub Prepaid Airtime: Get the Data You Want

Just pick your data allotment and pick your validity period (1 or 3 months). It’s that easy – flexible IsatHub airtime on your terms.

A Note on Voice Usage: IsatHub Prepaid airtime, by default, is data only. If you want the ability to do voice calls over your IsatHub device, you have two options:

Prepaid Airtime
Using RedPort Optimizer Voice Satellite Data Router and VoIP Gateway and enabling VoIP


Postpaid Airtime
Using standard Inmarsat IsatHub voice calling
Or with RedPort Optimizer Voice for and enabling VoIP

IsatHub 5MB Prepaid Plan

The IsatHub prepaid 5MB plan is enabled for data only and is typically intended for testing purposes or short-term use. If you need more data, longer validity periods, or VoIP capabilities, we recommend one of the other IsatHub prepaid options:

IsatHub Prepaid Airtime: 25 MB
IsatHub Prepaid Airtime: 50 MB
IsatHub Prepaid Airtime: 100 MB
IsatHub Prepaid Airtime: 250 MB
IsatHub Prepaid Airtime: 500 MB

Important Note About Airtime Rollover with IsatHub Service

Prepaid airtime for Isathub does not rollover. If you add more airtime to your SIM card, any remaining units on your card will be erased when you add the new airtime.

Want to Start Using Your Airtime?

We ship SIM cards unactivated for security purposes, so when you want to start using your airtime, you do need to request activation.

Need to activate your airtime? You can do so here:

Request Airtime Activation

RedPort Optimizer Voice for iSavi

RedPort Optimizer VoiceGet the most out of your iSavi with Optimizer Voice. More than just a voice device, RedPort Optimizer Voice gives you everything you need to create a local voice and data network with your satellite device. Manage your usage, protect against accidental airtime usage, accelerate your data speeds, enable compression email, web, PIN-codes for access control, and track your location via GPS. (Some fees may apply).




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Quick Airtime FAQ

When Does My Validity Period Start?

The validity period for your airtime starts when you request activation of your airtime, and the activation goes through, not when you purchase the airtime. We ship SIM cards unactivated for security purposes, so you do need to request activation of your airtime in order to start using it.

Need to activate your airtime? You can do so here:

Request Airtime Activation

How Long Does Activation Take?

Typically, activation takes only a matter of a couple of hours (or less), but sometimes there are delays in Inmarsat’s system and activation can take up to 48 hours. Just to be on the safe side, we recommend requesting activation 48 hours prior to when you will actually need the airtime, just in case there are some delays in the system.

How Can I Add More Minutes To My Airtime or Extend My Validity Period?

Adding more airtime to your SIM is very easy. Simply call or email us requesting more airtime be added to your SIM card and, as long as we have a valid credit card on file for you, we can easily add more airtime to your SIM card.

If My Airtime Expires and I Need More, Do I Need a New SIM Card?

If you reach the end of your validity period, you will lose your airtime. You can add more airtime to your Inmarsat SIM card whenever you need to: Inmarsat SIM cards do not ever expire.

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