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IsatDOCK Active Antenna


Active antenna for IsatDOCK IsatPhone Pro docking stations for fixed installations requiring increased satellite reception.

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IsatDOCK Active Antenna

IsatDOCK Active External AntennaIsatDock Active Antenna ISD710 is designed predominantly for maritime based applications. Designed to work with Beam’s IsatDocks and Oceana terminals. The antenna connection is protected from the environment with its solid bracket attached to the antenna.

Compatible Equipment

BEAM IsatDOCK Marine Docking Station
BEAM IsatDOCK Pro Docking Station
BEAM IsatDOCK Drive Docking Station
BEAM IsatDOCK Lite Docking Station

BEAM Oceana 400
BEAM Oceana 800

Recommended Equipment

IsatDOCK Active External Antenna
IsatDOCK Antenna Cable


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