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Iridium Postpaid OpenPort Airtime: Prepaid Voice GoChat Card

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Prepaid PIN-codes for crew or guest calling.
5 Minutes – $4.70
45 Minutes – $27.90
90 Minutes – $54.00
Per-minute cost from $0.60

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From: $4.70


Iridium OpenPort Prepaid Voice GoChat Calling Cards for Iridium Pilot Airtime

Iridium Pilot OpenPort GoChat Prepaid Voice CallingWith a prepaid GoChat calling card for Iridium Pilot you can make voice calls anywhere on the planet using a virtual PIN-code, at incredibly inexpensive prices (from $0.60 a minute).

GoChat cards are useful for crew calling, passenger and guest calling, and keeping costs separate from the main Iridium Pilot airtime. Captains of ships can give or sell GoChat cards to crew, guests, or passengers and not have to worry about complicated accounting to figure out who owes what. Each GoChat user gets their own PIN-code to use for voice calls at their convenience.

GoChat cards are available only to GMN customers using an Iridium Pilot/OpenPort with an active Iridium postpaid airtime plan. Without an active Iridium postpaid plan, GoChat cards will not work!

Iridium Pilot GoChat Card Fees and Costs

5-Minute GoChat Card – $4.70 ($0.94 per minute)
45-Minute GoChat Card – $27.90 ($0.62 per minute)
90-Minute GoChat Card  – $54.00 ($0.60 per minute)

Compatible Equipment

This card works with the following devices:

  • Iridium Pilot
  • Iridium OpenPort

Activation Fee?

There is no activation fee! The new SIM card activation fee of $50 is waived.

Can I Renew or Top-Up My GoChat Card?

GoChat cards cannot be renewed or topped-up. You can, however, very easily order a new GoChat card via our website, by calling us, or by emailing.

Iridium Coverage Area for Iridium Pilot

This card will work anywhere on the planet on Iridium’s pole-to-pole satellite network. Whether you’re in Antarctica or South Carolina, you will get the same airtime price and the same quality of service.


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Quick Airtime FAQ

When Does My Validity Period Start?

Valid for 12 months from the date the first call is made.

If I Use My Minutes and I Need More Airtime, How Can I Top-Up?

It is very easy to re-order minutes for Iridium OpenPort GoChat voice calling. Simply call or email us and, as long as we have a valid credit card on file for you, we can provide you with a new PIN-code very quickly.

Coverage Area for Iridium Postpaid OpenPort Airtime

The coverage area for Iridium OpenPort airtime encompasses the entirety of the Iridium satellite array. With pole-to-pole coverage and technologically advanced data transferring techniques, Iridium gives you reliable and dependable satellite coverage on every inch of the planet. Whether you’re in the North Pole or Miami Beach, you will be be within the Iridium coverage map.


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