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Iridium Postpaid OpenPort Airtime: Combo Plan


Monthly Access Fees: from $121.44
Monthly Included Value
Free Incoming Calls
Cost of Data (per month): from $1.10
Cost of Voice (per month): from $0.33


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From: $121.44


Airtime Reload?

If this is an airtime reload or top-up, please provide your satellite phone number or SIM number.

Iridium OpenPort Combo Plans for Iridium Pilot Airtime

Plan Name Combo Plan B
Min. cost over
3 months is $414.32
Combo Plan C
Min. cost over
3 months is $774.50
Combo Plan D
Min. cost over
3 months is $1,499.00
Combo Plan E
Min. cost over
3 months is $2,948.00
Combo Plan F
Min. cost over
3 months is $4,397.00
Monthly Access Fee $121.44 $241.50 $483.00 $966.00 $1,449.00
Monthly Included Minutes 0 0 0 0 0
Monthly Included Data (per MB) 0 0 0 0 0
Monthly Included Value $125.00 $255.00 $1,070.00 $2,180.00 $1650.00
Cost of IP Data (per MB) $10.35 $7.25 $4.83 $3.11 $1.10
Cost of Incoming Calls $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Cost of Calls to Fixed Line PSTN,
Voicemail, Cellular Numbers, other
Iridium Services, and Inbound Calls
using Two-Stage Dialing (per minute)
$0.62 $0.58 $0.50 $0.41 $0.33
SMS Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Note: The GMN Iridium OpenPort/Pilot Combo Plans carry a $50 Activations for a 3 month term and $0 for a 12 month term.

Iridium Pilot Airtime Combo PlansIridium Pilot Combo Plans are a flexible and affordable way to divide your Iridium Pilot/OpenPort airtime between:

  • Data Usage
  • Voice Usage
  • Or a Combination of Voice and Data Usage

Iridium Pilot Combo Plans provide you with a Monthly Allowance that can be used for either voice or data or a combination during the month for a single monthly fee. Voice and data usage is consumed in a first in, first out manner at the In-Allowance rate. If the total Monthly Allowance is depleted, remaining voice and data usage will be billed at the Out-of-Allowance Rate during the next monthly billing cycle. Unused Monthly Allowance is not carried over to the next month; it is forfeited.

Compatible Equipment

This card works with the following devices:

  • Iridium Pilot
  • Iridium OpenPort

Activation Fee?

There is no activation fee! The new SIM card activation fee of $50 is waived.

Need to activate your airtime? You can do so here:

Request Airtime Activation

Do I Need A New SIM Card?

In order for this airtime to work with your Iridium Pilot, an Iridium OpenPort SIM card issued by GMN is required.

First time buying Iridium satellite phone airtime? Good news! We’ll waive the price of the SIM card when you purchase airtime at the same time.

Iridium Coverage Area for Iridium Pilot

This card will work anywhere on the planet on Iridium’s pole-to-pole satellite network. Whether you’re in Antarctica or South Carolina, you will get the same airtime price and the same quality of service.


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Quick Airtime FAQ

When Does My Validity Period Start?

The validity period for your airtime starts when you request activation of your airtime, and the activation goes through, not when you purchase the airtime. We ship SIM cards unactivated for security purposes, so you do need to request activation of your airtime in order to start using it.

Need to activate your airtime? You can do so here:

Request Airtime Activation

How Long Does Activation Take?

Typically, activation takes only a matter of a couple of hours (or less), but sometimes there are delays in Iridium’s system and activation can take up to 48 hours. Just to be on the safe side, we recommend requesting activation 48 hours prior to when you will actually need the airtime, just in case there are some delays in the system.

Can I Change Plans Mid-Term?

You can move from a lower-usage plan to a higher-usage plan without any additional fees. You will not need to reset your term period.

If you move from a higher-usage plan to a lower-usage plan you will not need to pay any additional fees, but your term period will reset.

Coverage Area for Iridium Postpaid OpenPort Airtime

The coverage area for Iridium OpenPort airtime encompasses the entirety of the Iridium satellite array. With pole-to-pole coverage and technologically advanced data transferring techniques, Iridium gives you reliable and dependable satellite coverage on every inch of the planet. Whether you’re in the North Pole or Miami Beach, you will be be within the Iridium coverage map.


Which Iridium Pilot Term Length Is Right For Me?

Iridium OpenPort airtime is very flexible for the needs of seasonal users. While traditional 12-month term lengths are available, you can also do a 3-month term.

How Do 12-Month Terms Work?

With a 12 month term, you pay a monthly access fee and then get billed for any additional usage you may have outside of your monthly allotment. With a Value Plan, this means you’ll be billed for any and all use. With a custom bundle plan, you might have something like 25 MB included in your monthly allotment, but if you go over 25 MB, you would be billed at the end of the month for the extra data or voice time that you use.

How Do 3-Month Terms Work?

3-month terms for seasonal Iridium Pilot use have you pay the 3 months of access fees up-front. You will still get billed for any additional usage you might have outside of your monthly allotment. For a Value Plan, this means that you’ll definitely get a bill (unless you simply don’t use the Pilot at all during that time). For something like a 25 MB plan, you may or may not get a bill for the entire time you’re on your 3-month term. It all depends on whether or not you go over your data and voice allotment.

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