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Iridium Pilot Savings Bundle for Global Satellite Internet

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Bundle & Save

$250 in savings.
Iridium Pilot
RedPort Optimizer
90 minutes prepaid voice calling cards
12 months of XGate satellite email
12 months of XWeb compression web-browsing

From: $4,793.00


Iridium Pilot Savings BundleIridium Pilot Savings Bundle Includes:



  • SIM card for Iridium OpenPort Airtime ($10 value)
  • 2 x 45-minute Virtual GoChat Prepaid Voice Cards ($58.50 value)
  • Free 12 months of XGate Email Acceleration ($240 value)
  • Free 12 months of XWeb Browsing with Compression ($96 value)
  • Free XGate/XWeb Activation ($59 value)

VALUE: $5,049 for only $4,793 base price.

Competitively priced airtime available. Different bandwidth speed options. Flexible satellite airtime plans and data rates.

Iridium Pilot Terminals provide access to reliable, affordable satellite broadband service using the Iridium OpenPort network. Access satellite broadband data service and affordable postpaid and prepaid voice service from anywhere in the world.

Our Iridium Pilot Savings Bundle represents a tremendous savings over Iridium handhelds like the 9555, 9575 or the Iridium GO! for anyone surfing the web, needing fast (and cheap!) weather GRIB files, and “always-on” connectivity.

Faster and More Affordable Data

Compared to Iridium handheld service, this package gives you data speeds that are at least twelve times faster (32 kbps vs. 2.4 kbits/second) and 88% more affordable ($13.60/MB vs. almost $100/MB) than Iridium handheld service.

Need 64 or 128 kbps service? These options are available with the Iridium Pilot. Base speed is 32kbps.

Not sure if Satellite Broadband is right for you? Check out our free guide to satellite broadband for cruisers to learn more, see usage examples, and learn how to save airtime and data dollars by going broadband.

Don’t Forget Your Airtime!

Iridium Pilot has some of the most flexible airtime available in satellite broadband. Available in both short term and year-long contracts with different combinations of voice and data to fit your exact needs.

Value Plan

Iridium OpenPort Value Plan

Monthly access fee: $49.
Included data/voice: 0/0.
Per-MB cost of $13.60.
Per-Minute cost starts at $0.62.
See Airtime

Combo Plans

Iridium Pilot Airtime Combo Plans

Monthly bundle fee: from $69.
Included data: from 5 MB to 1,500 MB.
Per-MB costs from $0.97 to $13.80 each.
Per-Minute costs from $0.29 to $0.83 each.
See Airtime

Custom Bundles

Iridium Pilot Airtime Custom Bundles

Monthly bundle fee: from $99.
Included data: from 25 MB to 5,000 MB.
Per-MB costs from $0.43 to $10.25 each.
Per-Minute cost starts at $0.62.
See Airtime


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