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Iridium Pilot


Iridium Pilot satellite broadband terminal for satellite internet everywhere on the planet.

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Iridium Pilot: Affordable Satellite Phone and Broadband Data

Iridium PilotIridium Pilot is the most affordable maritime broadband satellite phone system on the market, and GoChat card airtime is available well under a dollar per minute, making Iridium Pilot voice and data suitable for both casual cruisers and workboats alike.

Iridium Pilot Features

  • Affordable satellite broadband terminal
  • Low satellite airtime rates for voice and data
  • Up to 134 kbps data speeds
  • Up to 3 satellite voice lines
  • Easy to install and use
  • Perfect for crew-calling

VALUE: More than $250 in Savings!

Iridium Pilot Savings Bundle

Don’t Miss The Iridium Pilot Savings Bundle!

Complete with:

  • Iridium Pilot Terminal w/20m Cable
  • 2 Iridium Pilot Handsets
  • Optimizer Satellite WiFi Hotspot & Firewall
  • SIM card for Iridium OpenPort Airtime
  • 2 x 45-minute Virtual GoChat Prepaid Voice Cards
  • Free 12 months of XGate Email Acceleration
  • Free 12 months of XWeb Browsing with Compression
  • Free XGate/XWeb Activation

VALUE: More than $250 in Savings!

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Affordable Satellite Broadband Terminal

We’ve crunched the numbers, and Iridium Pilot / OpenPort service is at least ten times less expensive than a handheld satellite phone like Iridium 9555 or 9575. Iridium OpenPort’s service plans replace per-minute pricing with more cost-effective per-megabyte rates.

Although the hardware costs more at the outset (roughly $1500 more than a similar setup with a handheld), the savings in airtime and data far outstrip what you would pay for similar service with a handheld, leading to substantial long-term savings for a much better quality of service.

Iridium Pilot Satellite Broadband Data Service

Powered by Iridium OpenPort Broadband System, Iridium Pilot offers up to 134kbps data services, letting you connect to email almost instantly, and access the web quickly. For ships large and small, Iridium Pilot is priced to fit any budget.

Iridium Pilot utilizes true IP technology to provide a flexible and powerful array of data services. A single Ethernet port provides a connection to a standard computer, an Ethernet router, or Wi-Fi router like the RedPort Optimizer. Choose from a range of configurable data rates to meet your specific requirements. Engineered for simultaneous functionality, data and phone ports support high-volume usage.

Free Guide to Marine Satellite Internet

More Voice

The Iridium OpenPort below-decks unit contains three RJ11 jacks, enabling users to make up to three simultaneous voice calls, even during data transmission – no more waiting for a free phone line to make a call. Crew calls are easily separated from ship’s business calls for simplified accounting, or place a phone in each cabin of a recreational vessel. Affordable voice can easily be added to data plans.

Faster Data

Iridium Pilot utilizes true IP technology to provide a flexible and powerful array of data services. A single Ethernet port provides a connection to a standard PC or to a router or hub for multiple PCs. Choose from a range of configurable data rates to meet your specific requirements. Engineered for simultaneous functionality, data and phone ports support high-volume usage. Iridium OpenPort’s simplified service plans replace expensive and wasteful per-minute pricing with more cost-effective per-megabyte rates.

Iridium Pilot Optimized Email and Web Browsing for Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones

Add the Optimizer and XGate services to use your laptop, iPad or Android tablet or smartphone to access email, the web, weather data via GRIB files, or post to the social media services Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – all through a simple Wi-Fi connection. Watch an introductory video about the Optimizer to learn more!

For those that want even more detail, watch the video series: How to Optimize Web and Email and learn how to setup an Iridium Pilot / OpenPort satellite terminal when using a RedPort Global router for XGate email and web browsing.

Iridium Pilot Installation

With its small footprint and light weight, the Iridium Pilot antenna can quickly be installed in any convenient location on deck. It does not require a stabilization platform and is virtually maintenance free. A below-decks unit offers convenient connections for up to three handsets.

Iridium Pilot Features

Iridium Pilot Services

  • Three separate phone lines
  • High-speed data
  • Flexible and attractive pricing packages
  • Lightweight, low-profile satellite antenna

Iridium Pilot Antenna

Height: 9.06 in (230 mm)
Diameter: 22. 44 in (570 mm)
Weight: 24.25 lb (11 kg)

Iridium Pilot Phone

3 independent RJ11 ports for simultaneous use

Iridium Pilot Data

IP-based, 9.6-128 kbps (configurable) with per-MB pricing for airtime

OpenPort Below Deck Unit

  • Height: 7.78 in (200 mm)
  • Width: 9.84 in (250 mm)
  • Depth: 2.17 in (55 mm)
  • Weight: 2.98 lb (1.35 kg)
  • Wall-mounted
  • SIM-based
  • LEDs and configuration through Web browser interface

Iridium OpenPort Coverage

Global, pole-to-pole

Pair Iridium products with GMN’s customized packages to meet your needs for wireless voice and data communication wherever you are. Services include: airtime, weather, email, web browsing and vessel tracking.


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Items Included in the Iridium Pilot Box

The Iridium Pilot includes the following items in the box:

Antenna unit
Below Deck Unit (BDU)
User guide
Installation Manual
BDU Mounting Parts
Power Supply Cord
BDU Power Supply & Mounting Bracket
Captains Handset
Crew Handset
20m or 50m cable, depending on choice

Iridium Pilot Airtime

There are several different kinds of Iridium Pilot airtime available.

Iridium OpenPort Value PlanIridium Pilot Postpaid OpenPort Airtime: Value Plan

Monthly access fee: $49.
Included data/voice: 0/0.
Per-MB cost starts at $13.60.
Per-Minute cost starts at $0.62.

Iridium Pilot Airtime Custom BundlesIridium Pilot Postpaid OpenPort Airtime: Custom Bundles

Monthly bundle fee: from $99.
Included data: from 25 MB to 5,000 MB.
Per-MB costs range from $0.43 to $10.25 each.
Per-Minute cost starts at $0.62.

Iridium Pilot OpenPort GoChat Prepaid Voice CallingIridium Pilot Postpaid OpenPort Airtime: Prepaid Voice GoChat Cards

Prepaid PIN-codes for crew or guest calling.
45 Minutes – $27.90
90 Minutes – $54.00
Per-minute cost from $0.60

Iridium Pilot Manuals, QuickStart Guides, and Resources

Iridium Pilot Brochure
Iridium Pilot Installation Guide
Iridium Pilot Spool Mount Dimensions

Video Series: How to Optimizer Web and Email on Iridium Pilot

Video 1: Configuring Iridium Pilot/OpenPort

Video 2: Set Up Web Browsing on Iridium Pilot
Video 3: Email and Crew Accounts on Iridium Pilot

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