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Iridium Magnetic Mount Auxiliary Antenna


Magnetic mounted antenna for Iridium satellite phones like Iridium GO!, Iridium Extreme, and Iridium 9555.

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Iridium Magnetic Mount AntennaIridium Magnetic Mount Auxiliary Antenna

This compact, pocket-sized antenna is a good signal booster for Iridium satellite phones like the Iridium GO!, Iridium Extreme, and Iridium 9555.

Magnetic mount antennas attached neatly to any ferrous metal surface, improving satellite reception.

Antenna Cable

This antenna includes a 5 meter (16 ft) antenna cable.

Installation and Use at Sea

Magnetic mounted antennas require a ferrous metal surface to attach to and have difficulty with low angle performance, so make sure to mount this high. This antenna offers portability, but can be problematic for long-term installations. For more permanent installations and an antenna with a better angle performance, you may want to consider an Iridium fixed mast antenna instead.

Compatible Equipment

This antenna works with the following devices:

Please note that some satellite devices require an external antenna adapter.


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