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Iridium External Antenna


External antenna for Iridium satellite phones provides increased reception and signal capture.

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Iridium External AntennaIridium Fixed Mast External Antenna

Provides reception for all Iridium hardware.

Marine rated for permanent vessel or building mounting.

Includes the mounting adapter for mounting the antenna onto a standard antenna mount or stainless steel pipe mount. The mounting adapter is preassembled with the antenna and will require no further assembly upon receipt of fixed mast antenna.

This is a passive Iridium antenna.

Special Note on Mounting the Antenna

The external fixed-mast antenna is intended to mount on top of a standard 1″ threaded antenna mount. It does not come with an antenna mount. We don’t include an antenna mount because there are hundreds of options out there – mast mount, pole mount, spreader mount, backstay mount, rail mount, etc – and it’s best if you pick up the antenna mount that works right for your unique setup.

Standard 1″ threaded antenna mounts can be easily and inexpensively found at your local marine supply store.

Antenna Cable

This antenna does not come with an antenna cable. An antenna cable must be purchased separately.

Cable options include:

Custom cables are available upon request.

Compatible Equipment

This antenna works with the following devices:

Please note that some satellite devices require an external antenna adapter.




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Iridium Antenna Technical Specs

Height: 6.5 in (16.51 cm)
Diameter: 2.5 in at base (6.35 cm)
Weight: 3/4 lb (340 g)

Antenna Mount

This antenna does not come with an antenna cable. An antenna cable must be purchased separately. This antenna can be mounted on any standard 1″ antenna mount. You can purchase standard 1″ threaded antenna mount at your local marine supply store. These mounts come in a variety of different options (rail mount, mast mount, pipe mount, spreader mount, etc) so you can choose the mount that works best for your individual needs.

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