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Iridium Extreme LiteDOCK Extreme Docking Station


LiteDOCK docking station for your Iridium Extreme (9575) satellite phone

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BEAM LiteDOCK Extreme Docking Station

Iridium Extreme LiteDOCK ExtremeThe LiteDOCK Extreme is the ideal docking station for using the Iridium Extreme handset for various maritime, transport or fixed site applications. The Iridium Extreme handset fits securely in the LiteDOCK, which features USB data port, phone charging, and integrated Iridium and GPS antenna, making it possible to keep all antenna cables and power permanently connected to the docking station, ready for use.

The LiteDOCK holds the phone, comes complete with RAM mount for easy fitting and is designed to use the standard Extreme handset accessories for charging and calls via the hands free headset. The dock also allows easy access to the emergency button and via the Iridium and GPS antenna connections, can provide very good indoor coverage. The dock also includes a inbuilt GPS coupling antenna to support an external GPS antenna. So all the Extreme GPS tracking and emergency alerts are fully supported in the LiteDOCK.

Designed for Business, Outposts, Command Centers, and More

Designed to lay on a flat surface and blend into a professional environment or command center, this dock gives you an excellent tool for conference calling or privacy calls. With the built-in loudspeaker, incoming phone calls are easy to hear. This versatile Iridium Extreme docking station is made in America for durability and professional success.

Compatible Equipment

Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite Phone


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