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Inmarsat BGAN Hughes 9211


Land-use portable satellite broadband terminal.
Speeds up to 464 kbps.
Streaming IP up to 650 kbps.
Lightweight and portable.

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Hughes BGAN 9211The Hughes 9211 is the newest portable satellite broadband terminal from Hughes and offers a budget-friendly satellite broadband terminal. As the smallest and lightest HDR-capable BGAN, users can connect at streaming broadband speeds of over 650 kbps.

Inmarsat’s BGAN HDR service network now offers new and higher streaming rates. For media outlets, broadcast professionals, and those looking to stream video content, the Hughes 9211 offers a budget, quality option for all your portable satellite broadband needs.

Hughes 9211 Main Features

  • Rugged and durable IP65 Rating
  • User-friendly LCD display with 4-button control
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi supporting multiple user access
  • Advanced Web user interface
  • Automatic context activation
  • XL-band supported
  • External antenna options
  • HDR streaming above 650 kbps


  • Ethernet connection RJ45
  • POTS connection for voice and fax (RJ11)
  • External antenna connector

Compression Satellite Web-Browsing

XWeb Compression Web BrowsingWant to get the most out of your BGAN satellite Internet connection (and your satellite airtime?) Look no further than XGate satellite email service and XWeb compression web-browsing.

XGate compression satellite email shrinks your email up to 95% of its original size, saving you serious airtime dollars.

XWeb compression web-browsing accelerates your Internet surfing by a factor of 3 to 5. That means web pages load 3 to 5 times faster and your airtime bill is 3 to 5 times smaller.


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Package Includes:

  • Hughes 9211-HDR Terminal
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
  • 5m Ethernet cable
  • AC/DC adapter, three IEC cables, one each for UK, EU, and US connections

There are two types of airtime for BGAN terminals: prepaid or postpaid (subscription).

BGAN Prepaid Satellite AirtimeBGAN Prepaid Airtime

All prepaid BGAN airtime options have a 2-year validity period.

25 Units
50 Units
100 Units
250 Units
500 Units
1,000 Units

BGAN Postpaid Airtime

The postpaid options for BGAN all require 12 month subscriptions.

Standard Basic Plan (5 MB Included Data per Month)
Entry Level Plan (21 MB Included Data per Month)
Mid-Level Plan (100 MB Included Data per Month)
High-Level Plan (751 MB Included Data per Month)
Super-Level Plan (2101 MB Included Data per Month)

Coverage Area for Inmarsat Airtime

The coverage area for Inmarsat airtime encompasses a large portion of the earth. Inmarsat’s satellites are geo-stationary above the earth’s equator and offer good coverage up to 70° latitude. Because the satellites are stationed above the equator, you may need to position your satellite phone’s antenna in the direction of the satellite from your location in order to get a signal.

Inmarsat Coverage Map


Hughes 9211 Brochure (Data Sheet)

Hughes 9211 User Manual

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