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Inmarsat BGAN Explorer 325

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Land-use vehicular satellite broadband terminal.
Speeds up to 432 kbps.
Supports streaming IP at 32, 64, and 128 kbps.

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BGAN Explorer 325 and Satellite Internet

BGAN Explorer 325EXPLORER 325 is a compact BGAN system for on-the-move communication. the system consist for three fully integrated units – a transceiver, IP handset and a roof mountable antenna with magnetic mounts.

Whether you are engaged in humanitarian operations, cargo transportation, broadcasts or telemedicine, you need easy deployable communication equipment you can always rely on. Regardless of time or place.

  • Instant communication: Simply place the antenna on the roof, connect the antenna and your PC to the EXPLORER 325 terminal, switch on the IP handset and the vehicle is turned into a mobile communication hub.
  • Compact: The antenna is compact and lightweight, ideal for vehicles on-the-move. It is designed for robust and durable use.
  • No roaming: BGAN offers mobile broadband connectivity wherever you go at fixed pricing with no roaming. You know your cost of communication regardless of the number of borders you are crossing.

BGAN Explorer 325 Satellite Internet for Email, Web Browsing, Weather and Vessel Tracking

Pair BGAN products with GMN’s customized packages to meet your needs for wireless voice and data communication wherever you are.

XGate to access email: Up to 15 times faster than uncompressed BGAN rates, and save up to 85% on BGAN airtime.

XWeb to browse the internet: Up to 3-5 times faster than uncompressed rates, saving time and money with your BGAN service.

Other services include: Inmarsat airtime, weather, and vessel tracking.

BGAN Explorer 325 Features

Voice, Data, SMS, E-Mail
Dual Mode
Call Forwarding
Call Waiting
Streaming IP
Integral Phonebook


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The Inmarsat Cobham BGAN Explorer 325 includes the following in the box:

  • Transceiver
  • 35 cm wide/ 12 cm high Antenna
  • Antenna cable 2.7m & 8m Power Cable
  • 2m Ethernet Cable
  • CD-ROM
  • Magnetic Mount kit
  • IP Handset and Cradle
  • Explorer 325 12/24V DC Input Cable (6M/19.7ft)

There are two types of airtime for BGAN terminals: prepaid or postpaid (subscription).

BGAN Prepaid Satellite AirtimeBGAN Prepaid Airtime

All prepaid BGAN airtime options have a 2-year validity period.

25 Units
50 Units
100 Units
250 Units
500 Units
1,000 Units

BGAN Postpaid Airtime

The postpaid options for BGAN all require 12 month subscriptions.

Standard Basic Plan (5 MB Included Data per Month)
Entry Level Plan (21 MB Included Data per Month)
Mid-Level Plan (100 MB Included Data per Month)
High-Level Plan (751 MB Included Data per Month)
Super-Level Plan (2101 MB Included Data per Month)

Coverage Area for Inmarsat Airtime

The coverage area for Inmarsat airtime encompasses a large portion of the earth. Inmarsat’s satellites are geo-stationary above the earth’s equator and offer good coverage up to 70° latitude. Because the satellites are stationed above the equator, you may need to position your satellite phone’s antenna in the direction of the satellite from your location in order to get a signal.

Inmarsat Coverage Map


BGAN Explorer 325 User Manual

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