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RedPort Marine Cell Booster


Boost cellular reception up to 20 miles offshore with a marine cellular booster.


From: $619.00


Marine Cell BoosterGet GSM cellular coverage on your boat up to 20 miles offshore with a powerful cell booster.

How does it work?

RedPort has assembled a world-class system using premium components and our own custom connections. The SureCall Fusion2Go coupled with the marine antenna pulls in cell signals from up to 20 miles offshore.  The signal is then repeated, allowing you to use your phone for voice and data.  This can optionally be coupled with one of our Optimizers, along with the marine antenna, that will make the cellular data available over wifi.

To learn more, please read our blog post: How a Cell Booster Kit Enhances Coastal Cruising.


(works with up to 5 cell phones or USB cell modems for voice, data, and SMS)

  • Cellular booster amplifier
  • Marine Cellular antenna
  • 10 meter or 20 meter antenna cabling with custom connectors

Using a dual-antenna system means that you have marine-grade coverage for powerful amplification outdoors, and then seamless re-broadcasting of the cellular connection belowdecks.


  • We’ve done all the complicated cable connections for you – no need to splice together cabling or source cables yourself.
  • Best marine-grade antenna on the market gives you excellent connectivity and reliability.

Cellular boosters are the absolute best tool for data and voice connectivity for coastal and waterway vessels.


Please note:  The RedPort cell booster for use within the United States and Canada only.


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