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Globalstar Postpaid Airtime: Galaxy Plans


Activation fee: $50 for new accounts.
12-Month contract required.
Per-Minute costs range from unlimited to $1.00.

Receive a Refurbished Globalstar GSP-1700 or a Sat-Fi with purchase of the Galaxy Unlimited Plan



Airtime Reload?

If this is an airtime reload or top-up, please provide your satellite phone number or SIM number.

Globalstar Postpaid Airtime: Galaxy Plans

Globalstar Galaxy Plans Satellite AirtimeGlobalstar postpaid (subscription) airtime offers some of the best satellite airtime rates in the market. With Globalstar Galaxy satellite airtime you can choose the perfect plan to cover you throughout the entire year. Globalstar Galaxy plans include an annual bundle of minutes which can be used for both voice and data calls throughout the whole year.

Any additional minutes that are used are charged to your account at a low overage cost. All Globalstar Galaxy plans include free inbound SMS messages and many offer free voicemail.

Globalstar Galaxy Airtime Plans Fees and Costs

Monthly Service Plans

Galaxy 1800 Galaxy 2400 Galaxy Unlimited
Annual Price $960/yr $1,200/yr $2,400/yr
Minutes Included 1,800 2,400 Unlimited
Effective Per Minute Rate $0.65 $0.50 N/A
Additional Voice Minutes $0.99 $0.99 N/A
Express Data Compression FREE FREE FREE
Activation Fee $50 $50 $50

Paying for Globalstar Airtime

When purchasing Globalstar postpaid satellite airtime, you will pay a $50 activation fee to Global Marine Networks, and the rest of your airtime charges will be charged to you directly by Globalstar. For this reason, it is necessary to fill out the Globalstar Service Activation Form to provide information regarding your account to Globalstar directly.

Note: Globalstar will run a credit check and in some cases, may require a deposit before provisioning your satellite phone with airtime.

Compatible Equipment

This card works with the following devices:

Globalstar Sat-Fi*
Globalstar GSP-1700
Globalstar GSP-1600
Globalstar GSP-2900

*Please check coverage map for specific Sat-Fi coverage restrictions.

Service Contract

Galaxy airtime plans require a 12-month contract. All Globalstar postpaid airtime accounts require a signed contract before service activation.

Need to activate your airtime? You can do so here:

Request Airtime Activation

Globalstar Coverage Area

Globalstar has a large coverage area offering crystal-clear voice quality in some of the most popular remote locations on the planet. Check the Globalstar Coverage Map for up-to-date information on coverage.


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Quick Airtime FAQ

When Does My Validity Period Start?

The validity period for your airtime starts when you request activation of your airtime, and the activation goes through, not when you purchase the airtime. All Globalstar phones are shipped unactivated for security purposes, so you do need to request activation of your airtime in order to start using it.

Need to activate your airtime? You can do so here:

Request Airtime Activation

When Does My Validity Period Start?

The validity period for your airtime starts when you call or email us to activate your airtime, and the activation goes through, not when you purchase the airtime.

How Long Does Activation Take?

Typically, activation takes only a matter of a couple of hours (or less), but sometimes there are delays in Globalstar’s system and activation can take up to 48 hours. Just to be on the safe side, we recommend requesting activation 48 hours prior to when you will actually need the airtime, just in case there are some delays in the system.

If My Minutes Expire and I Need More Airtime, Do I Need to Pay Another Activation Fee?

If you reach the end of your validity period, you will lose your minutes. You have 12 months after the date of expiration, however, to add more minutes to your card before you will need to pay a new activation fee.

Globastar Coverage Map

The coverage area for Globalstar covers some of the most popular places to visit in the world, including North America, Europe, and Australia. For the most up-to-date information about Globalstar’s coverage map, please visit the Globalstar Coverage Map.

Globalstar Coverage Map


Globalstar Sat-Fi Coverage Map

The coverage area for Sat-Fi is more limited than that for the general Globalstar map. This is subject to change and Globalstar is actively working on expanding the Sat-Fi coverage area. Please check the Sat-Fi Coverage Area page on Globalstar for the most up-to-date information about the Sat-Fi coverage map.

Globalstar Sat-Fi Coverage Map

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