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Globalstar GSP-9600


Globalstar 9600 satellite WiFi hotspot lets you connect your mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, to your Globalstar satellite phone via WiFi.


Globalstar 9600 Satellite WiFi Hotspot

Globalstar GSP-9600 Satellite WiFi HotspotThe Globalstar 9600 satellite data hotspot lets you use your Globalstar phone to access the data services you need with the devices you already have. With the Globalstar Sat-Fi data app providing compression and optimization, and the Globalstar data service offering 9.6Kbps data speed, the 9600 is the key to accessing email, downloading GRIB weather files, updating social media – even accessing low-bandwidth web pages.

The 9600 eliminates the problems associated with most USB cables, and boasts a firewall that eliminates all unnecessary computer traffic, giving you access to the maximum throughput of your Globalstar data service. Small, light and battery-powered for portability, the 9600 goes wherever life takes you.

Globalstar 9600 Compatibility

The 9600 works with the following Globalstar phones:
Globalstar GSP-1700
Globalstar GSP-1600*
Globalstar GSP-2900*
*Requires USB-to-Serial Adapter

Globalstar 9600 Apps

The Globalstar 9600 router requires either the Globalstar Sat-Fi or GMN XGate app on your device to work. Both Globalstar Sat-Fi and GMN XGate are compatible with devices running the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple Macintosh
  • Apple iOS (includes iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Google Android (includes a wide array of devices from Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola and more)

Both apps give an excellent email experience. It is fast enough for light browsing of mobile web sites, great for news and other text based sites, but not appropriate for video or music streaming.

Sat-Fi Apps

Globalstar Sat-Fi Data Features

  • Compression and optimization: Send and receive email up to 20 times faster than uncompressed rates.
  • Offline Mode: Create and read messages offline, messages are cached on your device for immediate access.
  • Integrated GRIB weather file retriever and viewer for Mac and Windows
  • Multi-lingual support: Includes dictionaries for English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, German, Dutch and French
  • Attachment Management: Preview headers and save unnecessary download time while keeping large files safely accessible for later viewing.
  • Email Fetching: Retrieve mail from other email accounts or corporate mail servers.

XGate Email and XWeb Browsing Features

XGate service contains ALL of the identical features of Globalstar Sat-Fi for the 9600 PLUS access to premium services, including:

  • Crew Accounts
  • File Transfer
  • Email Fetching
  • Compression Web Browsing

See XGate satellite email service for more information.


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